Disabled persons lying

I was working as an independent taxi service, I got a call to pick up a women at an alley behind, I am guessing behind her home, so here's the story.
I arrive to see she has a big dog with her, so I assume she is disabled with a service dog, I noticed she had nothing to put under the dog for my car (which is only a year old 2018).
I pull up and ask, she avoids the question and proceeds to tell me it is against the law to refuse her the ride.
I tell her I will call the office, so she hatefully tells me "well while your on the call me n my dog will be in your back seat, my doors are locked (they stay locked because I usually drive in a dangerous area) and she is pulling on my handle really hard, as I'm telling her no I will call 1st because I don't want the smell and dirt in my car. She then tells me I don't have a choice because she is disabled and the law and my place of work says I have to once I clicked on accept ride, but if I'd known it was this type of ride heaven knows I would never had accepted it.
So she says she will get me fired for not driving her and for having another person in my car with me. I just tell her to call if that is what she needs to do I don't care because the dirty dog is not going to get in my car.
Well she did as she said. Told them I refused and was hostile with her.
I have never gotten hostile with any customer and always had excellent ratings I only refuse rides if its quitting time for me, I work 7 days a week usually and out there 12 hours most days sometimes longer!
Why is it ok n legal for a disabled person to say and do whatever they want and get a person fired, and why is the law only on their side when really she was in the wrong by acting a complete fool trying to get her way only because she is disable?
Where is the rights for a driver and their personal property?
The company says we have nothing and they will pay half cleaning bill for the vehicle, when a good detail will run the owner about $200?
So now what???

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