Was I wrong?

So I took a job in a big chain fast food joint just to have a little bit of money coming in to help my family. I worked there for a total of 3 days. Now my pride is not too big for a fast food job. A big world wide company was my very first and only job for 15 years. And I started as crew and worked my way up to where I was and made really good money. But it was taking over my life and getting between my marriage because of how much time I was spending forcefully at my job and lack thereof at home. But at this new job I was never trained with an actual trainer. I watched videos on a tablet in lobby for 3 hours and forced on register.everything I was doing at this new job was all based off my experience from mickey D's Or me guessing. Now it's a different company and the way they do things is totally different and I was being ridiculed for asking questions and screwing up 2 orders. I walked out.the day I walked out the GM who hired me was up front asked me to hand the order out in drive thru so I did I handed out 2 drinks that was wrong and I got cussed out by a crew and GM did nothing Am I wrong?

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