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Nur Yunlu
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Restaurant Worker / Designer / Marketing

As the host, it's your main responsibility to make sure everyone is happy by maintaining manners, keeping an eye on activity at the tables, and ensuring a great dining experience.

Ensure that you have all the required supplies, including note paper, pencils, highlighters, and seating charts, and ask your manager if you need anything more. A good host should have spotless silverware available.

Pay attention to section arrangements, table layouts, server stations, party sizes, and arrival times when assigning new tables. Consider reservations while making seating charts, as well as the quantity of available tables in each section.

Notify servers whether they can accommodate larger gatherings and how much space they have for several tables. Making sure everyone is on the same page and asking if they're prepared for more tables is important.

During a busy dinner shift, check tables by walking the floor with your seating plan. Keep an eye out for guests who have moved on to dessert and seated but empty tables, since waitstaff might soon be available for new reservations.

Help with emptying and arranging tables, washing them down, setting down silverware, and straightening chairs while you're not working on anything else. Please, share your experience with us. ✨👇🏻

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