Speedway was the worst employer ive ever had

She was rude, insensitive to the fairness and the needs of her employees. Definitely came at me more than anybody else that worked there. My 2nd day of watching videos she called me at 6 pm wanting me to come close the store. I had only watched videos at this point videos mind you that are nothing about runnimg the pos or closing procedures, when i couldn't get there she passive aggressively gave me the next four days off. Ok?? So four days later i report for duty only to be told i indeed needed to watch more videos before i could get on the register. So why was i punished? She was constantly using my hours for extortion. One night after working all day. I was supposed to get off at 7 since 9a.m. and my relief was no call no show so i just worked until close. The next day same schedule and once again the same employee was a no call no show. Only my husband was having a sugar spike and needed to go to the er. I called my manager about 8 times with no answer. I called the lead csr 2 times with no answer
I could wait no longer. I closed the store at 730 pm following procedures cleaning up, doing the register and locking everything up i set the alarm and proceeded to take my husband to the er. The next day she was furious. She told me her boss told her to handle it how she saw fit and that day she saw fit to give me a warning to never do that again. Never asking how my husband was. Well from there it got crazy. A new hire had an incident in which he called a customer a cocksucker and threatened physical violence against him. That customer wrote in to speedway headquarters. And nothing was even said to him about it. This was the same employee who was a no call no show the previous times i mentioned. But she had time to write me up for dust on a shelf. Also the lead csr closed early twice for no other reason than she just didn't want to be there anymore and nothing happened to her. It seemed the disciplinary protocol only applied to me. I worked very hard there and my till numbers were always good and i had very good relationships with all the clients. But no matter what it was never good enough. About 2 weeks after i was forced to close early she hired a new person and cut my hours in half. I know now she did this to keep me in desperate need of hours so if she needed someone to come in at the drop of the hat well she new i would because she kept me desperate for hours. The milk cool went down and i found all the milk at room temperature. So i pulled it all. I put it in one place marking it all as bad milk and left her a note explaining what happened. What she didn't know was i put a black mark on the bottom of each jug or bottle of bad milk and i found after the cooler was fixed some of the bad milk was placed back in the cooler. She came after me one day for stay 41 minutes late ( nevermind i was called in early darn near every day i was scheduled) and asked me why i was 41 minutes later on the clock. I explained to her i was teaching a new hire about our communication book and pulling the bad milk she had replaced. ( which inevitably she still put some back in the cooler.) She said im not writing you up for thhis but some customers ( she wouldnt say who or when) supposedly came in claiming i had over charged them ( she wouldn't say how considering we scan everything in) and that they would not shop there if i was working. Yet my sales were higher than even hers. I refused to sign the write up and ask for a copy of my personal file. She refused. A person can only take so much. I found her to be snakish and untrustworthy. I quit. There is way more but to much to type. If thats how speedway runs im happy im no longer a part of it.

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