Hardships of life

Seeing how even I struggle from time to time I quit letting companies take advantage of me giving me just above minimum wages .2 weeks ago I nearly died on a job lost my footing hands full of painting supplies going up 30 to 60 ft on solid plat form caged ladders tier to tier above ground . My pay was 12 an hour . Job description said had use of man lift and safety gear . Being familiar with new 2018 Osha laws nothing was given. To me to safely climb to the top and paint my way down to the bottom . Lunch time I left all my supplier up there and walked off the job . Had many say stick it out dont quit I said bull I'm not dieing for 12 an hr . Oregon law says if climbing on and ladder above 3ft a harness must be worn or have at all times 3 points of solid contact to ladder or scaffold as you climb up or down

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