Current resume trends

I have been doing career coaching for many years. Just finished creating a 4 part series for people at my company that are being impacted by an acquisition and will be in the job market soon. There are a lot of resume trends people are not aware of:
1. DO Not put more than 10-15 years of work experience if you have it.
2. DO NOT put the year you graduated from any or high school.
3. Do not put your birth year in your email (like I did)...
4. DO NOT put your address at the top of your resume.
5. When it come to emails, make sure you have a professional sounding Gmail account. AOL or Yahoo give away age.
6. MAKE SURE you have an up to date and professional looking Linkedin account. If you don't have a Linkedin account you date yourself again.
7. Objectives are old fashioned. Branding statements are now used as an introduction
8. If you are lacking education, highlight your professional experience first and leave the education to the last segment
9. Use a more modern font like Calibri. Some other fonts look dated.
10. DO NOT put 2 spaces after a is not done anymore.
11. Just use year to year when writing about how much time you spent at a job. i.e. 2017-2019 vs Jan 2017 to Oct 2019
12...biggest one of all. DO NOT use up paper writing about responsibilities. Most recruiters will know what an admin assistant does, so listing all your responsibilities is a waste. If you filed papers, tell me the impact of that...ho it helped the office, or division. If you managed calendars, then tell me how many calendars and how your scheduling skills impacted your boss or the business.

Hope this helps a few of you!

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