Can I fight to get my job back?

I lost my job due to an incident that occurred 3 days after me injuring myself on the job. The day of the injury I was told that the only place I could go for workers comp was a nearby E.R. (which was packed due to it being the day after Christmas) and after evaluating me for all of 2-3 minutes the doctor diagnosed me with a grade 2 shoulder sprain but then cleared me for work. 3 days later I was in a position where I had to go against the doctors restrictions and due to temporary probation circumstances I was let go my first shift of the following week. After finally having my follow-up appointment with a doctor that I'm comfortable with she stated that I should've never been allowed to return to work due to the severity of the injury and my basic job duties go against the restrictions set in place. Meaning I never should have been working the day in which the incident that cost me my job occurred. And now do to my injury my job hunting is for the most part on hold. So could I fight to get my job back since I shouldn't have been there for the incident to happen, or am I just screwed because I was there and it did happen?

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