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Cook Preparations Stocker Floor Machine Operator at Pizzahut Grocery Associate

To land a job at #PizzaHut I would make sure to...

In my case I actually had to know somebody but when I did the interview I told them I was a hard worker and I can learn fairly decent. The atmosphere of the type of people you will run into if you get hired is usually depending on the store but the one I was at I was the atmosphere was a little crazy but it was fun at the same time and if you do work there I would recommend not cause any problems you will run into people who do some form of drug like pot or whatever other thing like drinking at my store there was a little bit drama like you're working with maybe a bunch of younger kids than you are like 20-year-olds there was some sexual activity too but I wouldn't worry about that kind of thing it's just their way of dealing with the stress or the workload of working at Pizza it can be a little stressful too at times but work through as best you can and don't freak out and if you ever have a gay waitress or coworker don't worry about it they can be a little extra cuz they want to be the center of attention all the time just keep your guard up if you're not in the same sexual group as he is or she and my case don't tell anyone about something about yourself if they can use it against you cuz some people will stab in the back and make it seem worse than it really is if you have like some disability or something that they can eat against you overall it's really not that bad a place it gives criminals or people with with a record a second chance to work which is actually not a bad thing to do just be respectful and courteous and don't cause any drama unnecessary drama just know what you're getting into

over 1 year ago
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