Brian McFarland
4 months ago

Never worked for a company that invested more in their employees. They made every one feel like part of the company. Executives from out of the country from the President of the company to the CEO visiting our plant took the time to talk to every employee. Great benefits, safety training, technical training, Kaizan program which paid employees for ideas on improving safety, efficiency, productivity, scrap reduction. Yearly bonuses for meeting these standards. Very, very iow employee turn over rate. Every one came to work as a team, and it was easy because you liked and cared about everyone!! It’s a shame now, your just a number with these companies today.

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Araceli Tan

this is the problem with people who are not appreciative of employers who wanted to show incentive for hard working employees. Therefore you should be your own boss if you cannot be as high as you other team members. Your jealousy is destructive. Be your own boss and create your own job but dont bother other employers and employees who wanted to satisfy one another. Be kind to your livelihood, be kind to your co worker. If you are not the boss maybe because your qualification is not enough to make you become a boss.Therefore dont disturb a boss who just wanted to show his generousity opening job opportunities to those within his reach