RESULTS Versus EGO, which is more important?

I tend to often run into the statement that goes something like, "That's just who I am or that's just how I am".

As an advocate of personal and spiritual growth, it makes me cringe because I know the person who said it has given up on life. My point is we are born clean slates with infinite possibilities. Somewhere on the journey some of us choose to plant a flag and attempt to stay in that place forever. They'll avoid change at all costs and meet any rejection with those phrases above. This is a problem and a pain-inducing way to live.

The truth about winners is they never stop growing and will focus on results. If the way you dress didn't get the job show up differently next time don't justify. If the answers to the questions didn't work for getting the job answer different next time.

You are not your past, you are not your clothes and you are not your resume. In order to become the best version of yourself, you have to grow into it. The good news about failure is it highlights opportunities to grow into the better you.

           You are not a victim or at the whelms of others! 
           You are powerful, but you must claim this power. 

The first step is the willingness to change. ACTION STEP - I want you to think about an idol ( a real person that is living or past) someone you admire.

Next examine your last failure and ask would my idol also fail here? If no, then you know the solution is possible right?

Next, think about the personality quality or skill your idol would use to overcome this problem and implement that into your life today with a new daily habit.

-To being the hero of your story!

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