The Courage to Believe & Achieve

I'm telling you the truth...(Message For You)

Sometimes we stay at the grill of life too long, flip flopping those pancakes, so-to-speak. Are they golden brown enough?

If not, why do continue cooking them?

In a like manner, we stay on the computer too long, wasting time by flipping and flopping emails.

In order to get a job you have to step away from the grill of life, and do the more important things such as...

  • Prepare a suitable resume set.
  • Prepare your cover letter set.
  • Identify four matched job types.
  • Proof read your work for errors.
  • Hit the ENTER button and submit.
  • Check your emails for responses.

Don't flip flop with miscellaneous things, just take action accordingly, then, everything else will fall-in-place.

I Believe You Can...!

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3 months ago
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