Mekkah Richards

Since the profile picture hardly gets love, I’ll make it my first post.

Does anyone know of any remote jobs that are easy to start? I remembered that I am highly proficient in administration assistant work due to a test I took on indeed. I have done a lot of receptionist and task managing work in the past, so it was nice to be reminded of another ability of mine that could be put to use.

I got certified as an emissions inspection (out of the blue), renewed my certifications to be a swim instructor (which I actually love), I got approved for Upshift, my car is totaled, and I start a part time job as a line cook tomorrow. I love to cook. I am from St. Louis, Missouri and I came to the Atlanta area in October 2020 to pursue my goals of being an actress. I’d love to be able to work remotely while submitting self tapes and auditions from home.

5 months ago
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