What made me stay at #McDonalds was

It was my first corporate/ franchise management position and it was in the city of Mission Bay. I have surfed my whole life so working 11 p.m - 7 a.m allowed me to surf everyday. Our 25 team members were all great people wich made the workplace enjoyable. The customers were super nice I only had a 1 complaint the whole time i workded there. I learned a lot about how to manage people and motivate individuals that were only gettin 15 - 20 hours Week at minimum wage. By implementing a merit system in wich the top 3 employees a week would get the extra couple hours. (instead of just making the schedual) (he lobby is closed and we would do average 100 a night so I cleaned that place absolutely spotless to the point were nobody wanted to be the person to dirty anything so. Once people started caring adout the cleanliness it just raised the pride level to were now the team were doing there best and with the hours up for grabs there was healthy competition that kept the level of workmanship up. I had a great time working there.

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