Jobeless is it illegal??

Soo I have been employed by the same company since October of 2018... I never missed a day of work or was late. I ALWAYS went above and beyond. I told the gm I needed time of in June (this was November) she ended up quitting/getting fired not sure which, anyway I remind the owner about a month ago at our weekly meetings that I needed the time off he helped me to have someone fill as far as I knew everything was fine. I talked to him on Tuesday asking if I could spread my acquired sick time over the next few weeks I had time off so I atleast had something coming in he said sure when are u returning to work? I said be there Thursday the 4th but unfortunately in court they changed some days I already had off and covered, I sent him the new days... he said I’ll meet you Thursday when u come in. I get there the woman I originally notified in November of the time I Needed off was there and told me she was taking over the store and when I asked why? The owner said I did nothing wrong... no hard feelings, I was told I’m just looking for something different.... is this legal? Do I loose sick time that takes me 40 hrs to make 1 sick time hr?? Really?? Any recourse besides just collecting?




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