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Crystal Barnett

WalMart,cashier/customer service,Laurens ,S.C.29351

Goodmorning,i wanted walmart to know i have filled out applications for two jobs. im qualified for both. im very interested and able to work anytime and available on weekends and holidays. hope to hear from you very soon.


Crystal Barnett

Thanks to everyone, hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!!!!

Genevieve Legrand

That is wonderful, Crystal! Don't forget to follow up in a couple of days by calling the store you applied at to make sure they received your application.
Best of luck to you!

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A fellow Jobcaser

OK now Crystal I am trying to figure this out here. Look you have a child here..... What the heck are you thinking?? Walmart is not a career move. Go to school..... You'll be on job case in ten months when that Walmart closes down and you won't have an education. Listen here go out to the social services office. Apply for W. I. C. program, get the Medicaid card for you and your child. Food Stamps and take the DILL CLINTON EDUCATIONAL SERVICES package. What it does is pay for you to go to your local technical college or State University. You get up to two yrs to complete a educational program or earn an Associate Degree. Aim HIGH..... With the AA you could go into the military as a CWO1. Looking at $39-$44,000 a yr by 2019...... Plus benefits for your child. STOP and THINK...... Walmart, Dollar General and Target are not career moves. Elevate yourself.... Don't you want more out of life for your baby??