Found a Job

Would love somreactions to this. In Healthcare Revenue Cycle for 30 yrs. Laid off 2/15 of 2019 out of work since then. When I left NY 5 yrs ago I was making $21.45 an hr. With that large health system over 10 yrs. Had a job w a health system here in NC for 2 and a half yrs. Was laid off took another job I utterly hated for $17.50 an hr stayed 14 months left that job for what I thought was a better oppotunity $18 an hr the staffing company lied the company I was contracted with lied saying no mass layoffs 8 months later we were laid off. Now I am working for a company that gives no benefits till 90 days no PTO till 180 days. If your caught w a cell phone immediate firing. Not allowed any pens and paper at your desk. No drawers at the desk and they provide no ammenities for thier employees not even a paper cup for water. Cant eat anything at your desk. You dont even get paid for federal holidays until 180 days in. A stinking half hr lunch. All these wonderful benefits for $11.00 an hour WTF.

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