This new job has it's pluses and minuses

Dear, Friends: I started this new job Love the job a Plus,but some of the hours and labor and cheap payment as well as the employees Suck. Some people at this job want to be the actual boss lady herself with no actual work experience or hiring or firing power. One of the bosses let her position go straight to her head, and one of them is young, ignorant,and above All very childish checking the work schedule to see if I have more hours than her come on if you don't know your job,Don't try to make feel inferior to you because I know my job and I just started says alot about you if you have been their for a while and you still stuck in stock!! Read between the lines,Brilliant!!Too Competitive over a Dollar General job. Says Alots Right!! Right!! Boss okay need a True dip in Reality and need a Major Attitude Adjustment!! For Real!!What would you guys do Stay or leave? That's the question at hand!! P. S. Almost saw two fights at the job among the customers!! Really!!!

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