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Gloria Stanley
4 months ago

Help!!! Mother of 5 in ky messed up unemployment i guess???...

So i applied for benefits in ky. I received a letter saying i would get 176 a week. Well when i went to claim my first 2 weeks it prompted me on weeks before i had filed and told me to come back on dates that had already passed. Well, a couple days later i went back on because i figured get it caught up to where it's supposed to be and it tried to get me to claim weeks from 1996. I backed out of it and sent a email and went back a couple hours later and it was back to the week before i filed and the week that i filed so i requested payment and i received a email stating that i wouldn't get benefits until i verified my identity. Well it took like 3 or 4 times before it uploaded successfully. Ive tried calling and im in the que. Ive emailed and it says someone would get back with me in 1 business day and today is the 3rd business day and still nothing. What do i do? Ive tried making a virtual appt or phone call appt and day after day it says no available appts. Ive never done this before so i have no idea how to handle it but im a mother of 5 and only one income at the moment that has been cut drastically since covid has hit. Someone please help. Im even willing to pay someone out of my money to help me get it straightened out. # #benefits #Kentucky # pleasehelp

Eleana Bowman

Hi @Gloria Stanley ; I am sorry to hear that unemployment is being a pain. Unfortunately, we are not unemployment experts and cannot always provide specific advice. I'd recommend that you keep trying to get hold of your UI office or maybe trying to contact your state representative. Though we are not unemployment experts, we are job search experts! Are you looking for work? Head to our Getting Hired Resource Center to get started!

Lawrence White

Hi @Gloria Stanley , so sorry to hear you are being placed in such a challenging position to gain access to your benefits. Let's take a close look and see if we can identify any areas for remote resolution without having to endure long waiting time on the phone trying to connect with agency representatives.

Okay, so it sounds like you'e having a variety of challenges with your claim. The id verification process you mentions may be related to the new IDme process. The state of Kentucky is working with a third party to facilitate this identification process. IDme has a video on their support page you can use to make sure you are following the right id verification steps, see Verifying Your Identification For Unemployment Benefits for more information.

The verification date(s) you mention don't sound right. It's difficult to help walk you through this process without a clear view of what you are understanding. Have you tried seeking benefit assistance from your local career resource center?

The career navigators and unemployment professional at the Kentucky Career Center - Greater Cincinnati/Northern KY Airport Business and Employment Services may be able to offer you local support. Use the Contact page to access the contact numbers for your local offices and call your local office when you have an opportunity. This may be the best and fastest alternative to get your benefit claim processed.

In the meantime, take inventory of your immediate needs for the next few weeks and don't hesitate to reach out to the if you find yourself in need of food, home/shelter, and health services. Please keep us updated on your progress and stay encouraged! I'm sure a solution for all of this is much closer than you think. Stay Safe!

Daniel Weber

I had my benefits stopped (after receiving 9 weekly payments) last June until my identification and earnings from self-employment could be verified. This was when there still was no phone number for PUA claimants to call regarding claims that were pending verification issues. That was 7 months ago...meanwhile, twice my claim was denied, twice I appealed, and twice the denial was reversed without the need for a hearing. But still I wasn't being paid the federal aid I was entitled to, until I finally got a person on the phone that I could talk too about my claim. Another phone call and 8 days later $15,000 was deposited into my account. Keep calling...these are easy issues to resolve. You just need someone to open YOUR file...out of the thousands exactly like yours. KEEP CALLING. APPEAL ANY AND ALL UNFAVORABLE DECISIONS. If you're entitled it'll come...and right away. I'm sure they want to clear these pending claims probably as much as we did.