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So I got fired from Sams club today over a lie. A girl I met yesterday was extremely rude (unprovoked) and so I reported her. I had only been employed there for 4 days however I worked in the store for about 3 months. I never spoke the the girl just walked away and reported her. Turns outs she reported me for threatening her the very next day after I had reported her. However I was told by management that she knew me and we had went to school together. Turns out my little sister got into a fight with hers a while back. 3 months working there and never a problem but she sees me there with no formal Sams club representation on and She knew that I was employed by them and got me fired. they say misery loves company it I just wish it want my company. However asking them roll back the cameras and see that I never spoke a word to her wasn’t an option apparently. I found out shortly who she was after I was fired. Let’s just say I never hung or talked with her in highschool which was 4 years ago #termination #coworkers #management

over 1 year ago
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