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It's Your Time Believe and Achieve
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I'm telling you the truth...(Read Without Failure.)

Many people are caught in the "Mouse Traps of Life" because of their wrong attitudes. That happen to me years ago.

Don't let this happen to YOU!

An improper attitude without having all the facts can be costly, and you could miss out on greater things in life you deserve. (Prov.18:13)

In a mindset workshop, I asked if someone from the audience could hold my coat, while I loosen-up a bit.

Naturally, no one moved, because attitude speaks louder than words saying..."this is small and insignificant."

Surprisingly, a mother approached the platform with her daughter, and the girl holds the coat for about 15 seconds.

After my 10-12 jumping jacks, they walked away, and I quickly said, "thank you mom." By the way, this envelope in my coat pocket is for you.

The mother opened the envelope on stage, and was a $100 bill for about 15 seconds of effort.

Folks, sometimes, our attitude can cause us to misjudge people, places and things. Thus, we miss the small bites that could lead to better things in life. (See illustration below.)

Avoid this mouse trap of thinking, so things can change in favor for you.

I Believe You Can...!

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