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I'm telling you the truth...(Must Read Before Bedtime.)

Sometimes we may have the profile of a LOSER, (so-to-speak) before having the performance of a WINNER.

Some people may say that, Audrey was heading nowhere in life, pretty fast. Right? Because hey...

  • She was adopted as an infant.
  • She was raised in a devout Christian environment.
  • She sang and performed at a 4-H luncheon.
  • Audrey grew up a little and performed at rodeos.
  • She stretched herself and sang for prisoners at the county jail house.
  • Finally, she got a job as a Secretary.
  • Then, she started selling T-Shirts.
  • Later, she work at McDonald's, flipping burgers and fries.

Some would say, that's the profile of a loser. Right? I would say that's the profile of a person working her butt off searching for a breakthrough in life.

Well, many years ago, many knew her as simply, Audrey Faith Perry. Right?

Today, she's known around the world as FAITH HILL, Country Music 5- Times Grammy Awards and Mega-Star.

That's the profile of a WINNER who paid her dues in life, by simply following her dream.

You can too.

I Believe You Can...!

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about 1 year ago
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