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It is no secret making more money depends on higher checks lining up together in the restaurant industry. Alcohol beverage sales increase the bill, and servers can make more tips.

At the same time, selling alcoholic beverages requires some knowledge of wine, beer, and hard liquors for recommendation and selling them.

Wine is the hardest to learn because it takes time, and one tries different wines as much as a person can. Realistically, learning wine takes time. Hard liquor beverages are easier to learn if compared with wine knowledge.

On the other hand, if you work in BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverages) restaurants, servers don’t have to know about alcoholic beverages. Simply, you are not selling it. Patrons bring their alcoholic drinks, and the server serves them.

Some of the BYOB restaurants charge a cork fee of around 10 to 25 dollars. Unfortunately, tips would be lower compared with alcohol sales.

I used to work in a BYOB restaurant, and we turned the tables many times and still made good money without selling alcoholic beverages.

Let me know your preferences as a present / former restaurant worker.

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about 2 months ago
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