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Cynthia Watkins


I was told by someone working HR in a major employer that they have been instructed to google map the address of each job applicant, and if they don't like the looks of the property or neighborhood, to disqualify the applicant, no matter what his or her qualifications may be. If this mapping is being used industry wide, it would not surprise me why many qualified applicants are not being called in for interviews. Just another of 1,001 ways to discriminate against job seekers.


Mariah Bliss

Wow, that's crazy!! I can't believe that! I definitely think that should be illegal. That's why I think addresses should be left off resumes - it's too easy to get your application disqualified because an employer might think you live too far away. And now this!

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A fellow Jobcaser

A lot of jobs here in Atlanta won't hire you if you're too far away from the job site. People get caught up in all that bad traffic jam and report in as much as 2,3 hrs late. I'm only 23 miles from my clinic. But on any given day it's a 1 hr 12 min drive. So I leave home at 6:50 am to get in by 7:56 am. I start seeing patients at 8:15 am with the doctors or PA..... But going home I'd be like a full 1 1/2 to travel the same twenty two or so miles. And pray that there is no traffic accident or the president ain't in town. You might need to find a good motel room and just stay near the job.

Diane Gerber

That's terrible! Thanks for that post. Very interesting.

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I doubt this is widespread, but glad I live in a nice house.

Aisha Seals

That's awful, but not surprising.

I am actually pretty disturbed by that, what an invasion of privacy!!!!!

joy wang

Hi Cynthia
Are u serious,! This is like the craziest thing ever and got be illegal. I always wondered why they needed your home address!

rachel tyler

That is crap people get jobs to take care of themselves n their families to get up out of those areas and when u first move to a big city from a small town rent is three times higher so it's an almost automatic that blue collar people will end up in those areas it's discrimitory n wrong or for instance if u move to NYC Manhattan u can't even find a place it takes weeks maybe even months to find a place this is wrong I hope Trump fixes this

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Wow I never heard that. I do believe that potential employers check firvsocial media. I for one do not use social media. It sermsvkids don't realize what others perceive them to be by their photos or videos.

Jill 3302735173

That is in human! what has happen to people why have people got so rude they don't care am 54 and I know this life! I can't believe how much hatred in world!

David j Olcott SrUsflag

Utter BS, if it could be proven it's hugely discriminating, white or black. Scant wait until.the market recovers and employees will have upper hand after Obama's failure and the screwing of the hard working employees.

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Couple of things - I never put my address on my resume and where I live in Colorado agencies/recruiters started asking potential hires 10 years ago (Because this is when traffic started getting really bad from a lot of people moving here from other states) how far do they live from the job in question. I actually signed into a company website to apply for such and such job and the hiring manager said on the requisition - if you live farther than a half hour away don't apply!

Thomas Emery

I think that is illegal.

Lovingone Barnett

That is just not right if a person qualifies for a job it should not matter where that person lives. Besides who gives the employer the right to judge a person because where they live and not that person's qualifications. If you really look at it some employers may feel threaten by an employee who have more education and experience than what they do anyway and will give the employee the reasons for not being hired is the found a better person to fit the position instead of being honest.

Richard Granville

I will admit, I have done this. Many recruiting sites such as PeopleSoft will drop applicants into your requisition in a 25 mile radius. If an applicant is driving 15 miles to work in a busy city and it takes 25 minutes to drive that 15 miles that is a burden. Are people going to accept that burden for $9.00 an hour? The likelihood is no. Their productivity may suffer and call offs go up. It is a risk, as a hiring manager, I was not willing to take.

Juls Cote

Mapping I have not heard of but I have of social media background checks as it speaks volumes to how you carry yourself

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That's Crazy ! NEVER heard of that the things companies come up with nowadays. Thanks for sharing that info with us. That's definitely a GOOD one !. :)

Patricia Turner

M9st ridiculous thing I've ever one is doing this.

TR Morris

This happened to me just this past summer. I live in Baltimore City Maryland and applied for a job in Wilmington Delaware. Had two great phone interviews and a tough in person interview with 5 managers that lasted 4.5 hours - I know I aced it, left with a good feeling and drove home on cloud-9. I really needed this job. A week later, I got a call from the hiring manager saying she wanted to bring me on-board and wanted to know when I will be relocating to the Wilmington area, I said I wasn't planning on it because I own my home in Baltimore, the commute isn't bad, I live 3 miles from Amtrak train station and very close to the interstate, I have 2 vehicles and really, really wanted the job. I have been having trouble finding a job in the Baltimore area so I've been looking in other states (my last job was in February 2016). I then mentioned that relocation allowance was not asked for by me nor was it offered by them as part of the job. My address is at the top of my resume, it's not like I hid it from them. After 10 minutes of trying to convince her not to worry about my drive, I know how to entertain myself in the car, I realized that she made up her mind not to hire me because of where I lived and that I was begging for her to change her mind. I got angry and it showed in my voice. She then said couldn't be hired because I sounded frustrated over rejection. In the end I found out they hired someone internal to fill the role. I needed this job more than I wanted it.

Lowra Harrison

If location is a part of the qualifications for the job then it must be specified in the job announcement. If specified in the job announcement then it must be explained why the location is significant to the job. If this method that you have been speaking of is active and can be proved, then the company sending the job announcement can be held liable for their disqualifiying methods. If this I find in my job search, I will persue liability action alternatives as should anyone reading this post.

Lovingone Barnett

Everyone have their opinion on this topic and it is discrimination against the employee. Some may not agree and that is your choice. Lance rather it is the company money or not being honest has a lot to do with hiring and if the feel that a person address tells them more about the person who has qualifications when it is time for their promotion each employer needs to give their updates of changes on they resume and application then see if they would still qualify for a position which he or she applies for I bet things will change!