Complicated job offer

I just received an amazing job offer to run errands and care for a cancer patient's dog for $350 a week while they recover from surgery since I have around 12 years experience for caring for animals, the problem is they want my resume, which normally wouldn't be one but all my experience with those animals I owned. I've had iguanas, birds, rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs, mice, fish, and once a boa constrictor 7 feet long, it's great experience but since they were all my own animals I don't have any references to give so now I'm worried since I really need the job but I feel I'm already screwed. Any help from someone who's done this before?

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Ashley Wilson

That is a tough spot Ellen Ferrell I would write them a cover letter and send it in with your resume and make sure to include ANY similar job experience such as working in a pet store, etc. In the cover letter, I would explain your deep love of animals and perhaps even offer to work on a trial basis for a week to ensure they are happy with your services. I hope they give you a chance!!

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