What do I do?

A little background, I applied for two places around the same time (we’ll call them A & B). I missed a call & voicemail for A somehow and the manager graciously let me get another interview but this was after the B had already interviewed and given me the job as a waitress. I went into B on a Wednesday for training but got sent home early because there was 0 tables so I did maybe like 3 hours & Thursday again but only for 2 hours. My interview with A was on Friday and I didn’t have to go into B so it worked out perfectly. A ended up calling me 2 hours after my interview saying they wanted to offer me a job at a higher rate than B, I’m assuming because B never discussed pay with me. I accepted because the management is better and so is the pay. I let the owners of B know Saturday that it would be my last day ( I know a 2 week notice is better but A wanted me to start ASAP!!) & stayed for my shift even though I was notified that I needed to come in like 1-2 hours prior to having to go in. Owners of B said that it was fine they would head to restaurant in a little to talk and they showed up ate and left and never came back. I texted one of the owners today asking if I could come in have that talk and hopefully get paid ( I didn’t include that in the text!!) and I never got a response. Should I go back in ? Text/Call again ? Help!!! I know I can go to small claims court but I’m trying to avoid ended things on bad terms.

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