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Sami McCauley
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Registration Coordinator Covid Team at Labcorp

Your experience will depend on what role you have in the company and whether or not you are an actual employee or contracted. I would read reviews from other job sites. I am a contracted Registration Coordinator that works through a shift board. I am rarely sent assignments and when I am, it's like a cat and mouse game to try and sign up for the shift that was emailed to who knows how many others. Travel is required without pay being paid mileage. Some people do well with acquiring jobs and perks, and others don't. The hours are not consistent enough to be called a part-time job; just a fill-in. Most Phlebotomists work for other companies in order to have consistent pay. I can not speak for other positions, but again, it would be wise to read the reviews. I hope this helped.

10 months ago
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