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Nur Yunlu
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Restaurant Worker / Designer / Marketing

To change careers as a restaurant worker, consider your transferable skills, such as customer service, multitasking, and attention to detail. Research other industries that interest you and network with professionals in those fields to learn about potential opportunities. Sales Representative

Social skills learned from bartending and waiting tables can boost sales performance, particularly in retail and B2B industries, by boosting client service and communication.

Event Planner

Experience in event planning or management may be useful in a professional setting.

Marketing and Consulting

Bartenders can apply their expertise in advertising to product and consumer marketing, product recommendation and upselling, and beverage industry consulting.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants must have exceptional time management, organization, and communication skills.

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about 2 months ago
Joshua Coronado
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Raised on retail, former entertainment assistant, seeking new opportunities

Totally—I highlighted my customer-facing skills when transitioning from working as a server in a Greek restaurant to doing customer service/data entry at a startup after college. It was a smooth transition that linked interpersonal communication, precision, and high volume endurance across those industries.

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