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Monica Navco
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#my résumé only tells you about the career I used to have. #advice I would love to be a greeter at a hair salon or something in that field or a manager etc. I cannot cut hair anymore due to my hands. What careers do you have out there that you do not need your hands? #general #noexperience other than cutting and coloring hair. I’ve worked n this field for over 35 years. #backtoworkmoms #motivation #networking #inspiration #courage #wordsofadvice #jobsearch

over 1 year ago
Paul Baker
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@Monica Navco it sounds like you have skills that are very good for customer service jobs where you can interact with customers. When you say you need a job without use of your hands are you saying that roles with typing or holding objects would be out of the question? I do think that restaurant hostess, salon manager would be roles that might fit your profile but it's hard to say based on your Jobcase profile not being filled out.

It's important to fill out your Jobcase profile. As you fill out your profile we're able to better personalize your site experience, when you fill out your work history we're able to send you jobs that match your experience and with a personal profile picture on the site potential employers have a better chance of finding you. Also, a filled out profile on the site automatically creates a professional resume template that you can download and get a head start on creating your own.