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over 1 year ago

Working in general.

I just started working in a nursing home in Clinton N.y. I have learned many tasks on the job such as cleaning my station, mopping , taking trash out and most importantly clean dishes. Besides the fact that I love working there. What I have learned through my job searches and interviewes, Is in the eye of the employer during a interview is very important through all of my interview I remained calm and stayed focused on what I was talking about, and I also made sure, I dressed properly for the interview. In order to catch the employers eyes, not only do you be yourself, but you remain honest, worthy and dependable. You do not tell them your life story. When towards the end of the interview they ask you if you have any questions?

The three main questions I would ask are
What are the job requirements for this position ?

Will I receive benefits?

How many hours a week will be working ?

Part time - is between 12-30

Full time- 30-45 or more Depending on the shifts.

What are looking for in your employees?

Criminal background checks never get nervous as long as you are completely honest during interview you'll do great!!

The biggest step once you get the job is too take extra steps in the process !!

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