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Donna Dunson
4 months ago


I would love to find a job, from home, make my own hours. I have Multiple Sclerosis and need something that I can set my own hours due to sickness at times. I worked all my life. I worked for the State of California and did medical billing, working as a legal typist and worked as a book keeper for realty offices. All I can find is stuff like surveys (which pay next to nothing) or play games. Too old for games and the surveys take forever for .50. I am so tired of not being able to find something to help me. #advice #healthcare #disabled #careeradvice #legal #help

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Lawrence White

Hi @Donna Dunson , welcome to the community! Please take a moment to check out the new job leads on our #workfromhome topic pages. there you will find the latest and greatest job leads and hiring announcements available right now.

Carefully review each job posting and make sure you meet all the job qualification requirements before you apply. Make sure you submit your completed online job application as soon as possible before the job opportunities close and/or fill up. Thank you