Looking for 3, 4, 5......or years more for work ?

I have been running across statements that some have been looking for work for 3 or more years to no avail. My question around this is how are you surviving? Seriously, what are you looking for, what are your skillsets, how much are you asking for?

If you cant find work, you may need to step back and take a hard look at yourself as to why things arent coming together.

However, having a series of back to back temp jobs is work, volunteering is work, and yes, looking for work is....well work. Many state based Job Centers offer free career building and job coaching to help move you in the right direction. Try to contact them. Build your networking reach (theres a thing called JobCase that can be used for that), personal networking at social and faith based organizations are other resources and of course volunteering can lead to employment.

So, if you reach say 4 years its obvious something is not being done correctly (that could be resolved by coaching or mentoring), you have an income that you arent mentioning, a very supportive family, or maybe just maybe dont want to work.

Sorry to be harsh because I know that there are some circumstances that make it difficult but, really seek help if you are serious about working.

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