I have came across tons of individuals that I do not know and who do not introduce themselves FIRST. I appreciate the ones sending me job offers and then I do not appreciate the ones who voluntarily send me a message being rude.This particular person messaged me asking can I work from home which I replied “Yes” next rather than telling me about himself and WHO he is he just sends me a message asking for personal information nothing regarding job description or what will take place. He was being rude and sending exclamation points after explaining that I’m not forced to do anything. The fact is it’s very unprofessional if he is a recruiter to help individuals like myself for a job (then that’s not the way) smh I’ve only had this account for a short time and I’m already feeling I need to delete it. Does anyone know of this man ? And his role on this site his Name is ((Matt Bornhorst)) he states he is apart of the Jobcase Team.

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