Leaving the teaching profession at 60

I am 60, fit and motivated. I have developed a well-tuned ear for the ways both written and spoken English can influence people respond to new ideas; I understand and can effectively manipulate rhetorical strategies and enjoy writing. For the past 35 years, I have also excelled at encouraging high school students to take pride and ownership in and of their thinking and verbal expression, ultimately pushing them to reach for mastery rather than settle for mediocrity. Observant and artistic, I enjoy hobbies ranging from painting and carving to playing the guitar and violin. Now though I would like to ply my talents in work that is more product oriented, to do rather than teach. I would like to write and edit text for profit. While I have topics and assignments that I am naturally drawn to, my interests are broad and I look forward to exploring new fields. How should I go about marketing myself?

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