Back to work.....

So I've been home for almost 3 months, I had two major hip procedures. However I still have a job to do when I'm ready which is a blessing. Here's my problem, I want to go back to work but I am scared and feel not ready, a bit depressed because I'm not making any money and been home ,haven't been able to drive etc job is okay it's just one of my bosses , well he talks in such a manner ....just pissy I guess, thing is I want to go back but part time and more money, so basically itll even out to being the same ,but my idea was to put the hours I can work on a calendar and give him that so theres no question. Mind you I've been in contact with them through my whole time off. I just hope this is a good way of going about how I want to make my own schedule. I just cant do that much right now and I need more time with my kids....i guess all they can do is say no or fire me...... I really need the job though...going back to work has given me anxiety , it's just I feel like I'm on the outside looking in at the world and really looking and watching how people act and what they say, just interesting and kinda dumb but anyhow any advice ? Advice on how I can be excited about going back to work ? I've just been in home and in pain for so long and I'm still healing and in a brace bit I may get discharged next week to go back to work, we will see what and how much my doctor says.




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