Michael Tinoco

Very good Job as a Tax Examiner. I was also luck enough to have good bosses. Unfortunately there were also bad bosses. Overall it was a goodplace to work. Only one bad thing. An outside organization call Employee Compliance based at the Cincinnati Service Center monitored all credit and tax filing transactions of all nation wide employees. They did not like if you ever owed one dollar on your tax filing. Their job was to attempt to terminate you over any balance you owed IRS. They did not care f it was due to medical costs or even funeral costs for a family member. Their cold hearted job wasto fire any employee who owed any thig on their tax bill. Getting a payment plan like a regular taxpayer was no excuse to ay your taxes in full. I was a Union Stward. They once tied to fire an emplo because thy had to borrow money to bury their dead child. They still tried to fire her. I won the case and he was not fired. However they still made a point that tax payment came first. Only Senators and Congressmen are exempt from their tax rules. So if you work for IRS and owe on you Federal taxes. Pay in full or possibly lose your job.

3 months ago
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