It's becoming hopeless

I had a job at a pizza place that I like it but they cut my hours down because of some things going on within the business. Which was fine because my wife had a good job and then my wife lost her job so I go and look for a better job to pick up the slack, and another (coffee cup) offers me $400 a week to wash dishes for 12 hours a day so I took it and quit my one day a week $8. 50 job. I work there for 2 days get told to take a day off I call in the day after my day off and ask him what time I'm supposed to come in and they said that take another day off if they will call me back and they have yet to call me back.

I just recently got turned down by Road Ranger oh, I've been turned down by Wendy's just seems like now I can just keep getting turned down from jobs that I applied for. I don't know if it's because I'm overweight or what..... but it's just becoming hopeless all I want to do is work at a job where I have steady hours and have more than one day a week so that way I can afford to feed my daughter and make sure we don't lose our house that we purchased. It's like we go from being on the top I was working at a restaurant that was a good job until it closed down my wife had a good job and then everything happens at once the restaurant closes down my wife loses her job and then I have to go to another restaurant that gives me only one day a week, wife gets a job at a factory, she loses her job so I look for a better job and get swindled. And now no place wants to hire me. Only thing keeping me from giving up is my daughter.




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