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It's Your Time Believe and Achieve
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I'm telling you the truth...(Must Read Before Bedtime.)


In the year 2001, I couldn't afford a box of cereal for my kids, and the cost was about $3.95, before taxes.

I was parked outside the store praying for a miracle to appear. Yes, miracles are those things that happen beyond explanations.


After a few sobering tears and low cries for compassion, I was moved to scrape underneath my car seats until I collected enough coins to walk inside for the purchase.

Don't ever let this happen to you.


First, trust your own measure of faith, then everything else will fall-in-place for you.

I Believe You Can...!

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4 months ago
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Operations Manager at Jahwell Dubois Properties Louisville Ky

Dear Sir, I am there right now, I feel as though I am l losing everything but my mind, scraping funds together is real, not to mention my home and damages to my home but my insurance company has come up with a ludacris explanation of ware and tare and quick to deny my claim. I am at the end of my rope and continue to go on interviews in person and via zoom put everyone is taking my info, saying that I am a great fit for this and that but come back later to say the company has went with someone else, but yet and still keep putting out this false narrative that they are in desperate need of employees or the other narrative of people just don't want to work. It seems to me as they are getting funds from the government if they cannot bring in employees that they are really not trying to hire if the government keeps paying them. Some would say that it is the other way around but from my own personal experience and those around my, the employer is not really hiring if his company can get a grant or some form of subsidy for not having enough employees to operate business, what gives????

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