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Rita Villanueva
Bullet point

Hi everyone. I used to work at 'abc' gas station for about 8 years. I loved my job very much. 2 months ago I had to move out of state so I had to look for another job.. I finally got one , and its at a gas station, so I was really happy. I love, love my new job, BUT, at this new place you are required to ask every one of your customers if they would like to please donate their change to 'United Cerebral Palsy'. Its part of your job and if you don't ask you will get written up... My problem is: I hate it very much when other cashiers ask me if I would like to donate my change, in fact I hate it so much I refuse to go to those stores ever again. There are some customers that also don't like it when you ask them by the look and expression on their face.. Any advice?

over 4 years ago
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