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Michael Carvalho
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#MyThoughts on Sunday

It’s Sunday a the perfect time to begin thinking outside the box.

Why not start with NEW BEGINNINGS? Start with a New Plan of Obtaining a Job, focus on what it is you see yourself doing in 2023!

New Mindset: Means setting you mindset in what it is you see yourself doing in 2023. Medical Field, Retail Sales, Customer Service, Remote Work, Waiter/Waitress, Accounts Payable, Account Management, Laborers, Plumbers, Electricians, are just a few examples of planning on the goal of employment. The Mindset starts with new ideas, new thoughts, and New Goals of obtaining employment.

New Start: The New Start means starting from the beginning and ending on top. Not waiting another Day, Week, Month, or Year. Start Today!

New Intentions: What are your intentions? Regardless of what you think of doing, it starts with the intention of completing the task.

New Results: When you change the process that didn’t previously result in a positive outcome, it’s time to change up the game. In the past I would set my mindset on gaining new business. After spending wasted money on my marketing ideas it ended with no positive results. After looking at my past ideas, made adjustments to what I did in the past and changed it. The results was positive, gaining 10% new business in 2022. Although it wasn’t enough for me I changed it up again. The results were more sales. I didn’t beat myself up over the mistakes I made. I used it as a learning experience to make it better. Why allow it to stand in your way of doing it today? Start Today with New Beginnings, New Mindset, New Focus, New Start, New Intentions, equals New Results. May Your Sunday be filled with Good Thoughts, Positive Beginnings, and Clear Mindset. #advice #applying #wisdom #knowledge

about 1 year ago
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