Brittany Schettino
9 months ago

Another thing

Let’s really dig deep why do u think we can’t trust people? I think it’s because so many people are selfish and they don’t wanna keep secrets NOT EVEN IN THE WORK PLACE because let’s face it without a little excitement work would be boring but I feel it’s just second nature to me at least to keep my mouth shut because I was raised that way.

What about you what are your thoughts

John Huang

Unfortunately, we can’t control the actions and attitudes of others. The first step is accepting that and the next step is about finding a way to work around it. Know what types of secrets that you can live with if they got out before you share them and for others you just keep to yourself.

From my own experience, having and giving certain information related to work can be incredibly valuable currency. However, I know when certain things are told to me that I won’t even tell my best friends at work because you have to assume the worse case scenario. As for secrets related to personal lives, I stay out of that completely. Be smart and you’ll be okay.

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