Keystone Cargo?

I had been looking for something different for several months because I am getting tired of my job in retail which I have held various positions in, including a regional manager. Out of the blue a company called keystone cargo calls me and says that they want me to become a logistics manager for their international shipping company. It sounds like a great job! I fill out the preliminary paperwork and get a call that afternoon by someone in their HR dept, she asks me if I have any questions about the company, I tell her yes and ask several but would like to have the interview first to possibly learn more about the company and answer some of my questions. She says fine, asks me if I have a bank account and to tell her 5 descriptive words about myself. She then proceeds to tell me I am hired after those 2 statements. They are now pressuring me to start immediately in their training program (like today) but am getting many red flags!! I have not filled out any more paperwork as this just does not pass the sniff test. Has anyone heard of this company or know anything about them? I cannot find much about them, the company, the interviewers (i have their names) and I am not sure I am being scammed!!

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