Jeff Noble
about 1 month ago

Complicated paperwork

You want to know why people aren't interested in rejoining the workforce? Complicated paperwork. I just spent the afternoon filling out a 15 page employment application. Yeah 15 pages. Half way thru the PDF won't allow me to sign anymore, so now I have to print out the pages, manually sign them, scan them back into my computer and send them. Why would anyone do this when they're receiving generous unemployment benefits and quite possibly be making more than when they were working? I would have much rather spent this time with my dog at the park, but I wasn't raised that way so I fought my way thru the 15 pages.

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Cabonia D Crawford

Seriously! And on top if that that one application with 16pages of information is not at all useful again at any different place of employment. You have to be wise enough to keep it on hand and accessible and available whenever you happen to fill out another application needing some of those same details. For the description of duties section a little marketing or cut and paste from the actual job description might help. And don't forget to appreciate the employets who try a format that is much much simpler (I almost don't care about the job just let the application process be less painful and less repetitive and pleasecdont ask the unemployed to spend any more money). Believe it or not I recently got a job interview by simply calling the phone number direct to the place of employment. I got to introduce myself before the 15pages of electronic paperwork got processed. Go figure!