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Assistant principal jobs at palm beach lakes high school

Hi my name is Davah Ellis I'm a high school Assistant principal at palm beach community high school in West Palm Beach FL 33407


Davah EllisUsflag

Well need more Assistant principal

Mariah Bliss

Hi David: Thanks for posting to Jobcase! I found a bunch of assistant principal jobs hiring near you - click the link to view everything I found:,-FL If you’re looking for something different, here’s how to see who’s hiring near you:
- Click on the “Jobs & Companies” text at the top of this page
- Enter the type of job role you're looking for
- Click the blue search button
If you see something that looks interesting, just click View Job and follow the instructions to apply. Don’t forget to follow up on your applications a few days after applying. Let us know how it works out for you!

William Agnew

Is Mr. Ellis saying that he has a position of assistant principal to offer? Two posts aren't clear. That's ok!

Jerrold Shelton

I really hope you are as influential as my high school assistant principal whom had a very progressive impact on my personality that yet has an effect on my personality and attitude! Actually it was my junior high assistant principal! Mr Clive Coleman,thanks man!

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would you happen to need or want a JROTC instructor???
Retired Army here. Will relocate if necessary.

Davah EllisUsflag

If you want the high school Assistant principal job this is my email address