1st interview after aptitude, written, psychologic assessments

I applied for a trainee program for a company and they proceeded with my application by telling me to take an aptitude exam, a written exam and a psychologic exam followed by the first interview.
As I did my first interview, they said they would get back to me in two weeks, so I only sent a follow up/thank you email when the 2 weeks approached. After one month since I sent the email from 2 weeks after the interview, I did not get any reply so I sent them another email. Its been a week since my 3rd email and no replies.
It is a very big telecommunication company so I expected at least any respond to my emails. At first I thought they might've been considering me while having other interviews, but now its been 2 months since the 1rst interview and nothing. Are they still considering the position for me? The trainee program starts in July!!!




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