Sales positions

Most of the positions in sales area are 100%commissions, i think that's a bad practice because most of the time those position have non prepared person on sales normally are people that need the job and do whatever it takes. But if companies wants a good resource a sales train person i think they need to start changing the 100% commission bases and start given a base salary but in these structure Advance salary base commissions, If you get a usd$ 1,000 dollars weekly its usd $ 4,000 a month in 3 month you've get usd$ 12,000 if you make on commission 15,000 they give you a check of 3,000 but if you only make 11,000 you have in the nex 3 months to make 13,000 minimum and if you don't get to make the minimum you're out. Having a base salary will pay that employee bills and will permit to these employee too be concentrate in the jobs and on making more sales.

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