Your "Seemingly" Outer World

At present it appears as though our natural ability to govern ourselves seems to have been taken away, however, this is just a perception and as we know perceptions can be faulty. Though Shall Not Want as written in Scripture: Though Shall Not Want Because We Have Already Been Given Everything. Created In The Image and Likeness To Our Creator, does not mean to look like...

In my opinion we became to reliant on our elected to take total control of our well-being as this was a mistake for only greed and power over others has become the objective. The good news is we can gain our power and control by not giving energy to the things that seem to be going on in this country, especially any and all negativity.

This is done by not giving these things energy (attention). We will in time gain all control and power that it appears to have over us as a nation of people and raise to our natural inheritance. The best thing we can do for ourselves is turn off the TV's, it's called TV Programming for a reason. Everything Is Energy, Even Our Thoughts, TV/Media Programs Us To Think As It has been programmed for us to think and believe and is done through Electrical Signals directly to the mind.

Television It is indeed the greatest tool invented to control and program the mind, control.that we choose to call Entertainment; which has lead to wanting to be entertained by devices instead of using the creative inborn abilities we have within us, and the only creative natural process of communicating we have been gifted with. The accepting that Minds Only Can Communicate.

True entertainment would be taking a walk and see the beauty of nature, or even riding your bike through a neighborhood as your past by others. Maybe even engaging with your family, children, even the neighbors to see what is happening in their lives. Just maybe there is something you will find out that will help enhance your own life, even more maybe our Creator will give you a message to deliver to your neighbor to inspire.

Even though we may feel as though our lives appears to be moving backward it is really moving forward as we remove our attention from what we think we have no control over. We are Love created out of Love, and this will always be our natural state of being. Anything less is not going to feel good in the final analogy.

The Only Power Anything Has Over Another Is the Power In Which You Give It. In truth we are governed only by "God's Laws which can be studied and viewed, and are listed as the 12 Universal Laws (that govern and control our lives).

One such law is The Law of Divine Oneness, and Everything Operates In A Circular Pattern. In The Beginning, there was onlyOne, then the One began to move upon Itself, but eternally remained asOne".

I think of it as the boomerang effect: Thought goes out, builds momentum (attracts things of likeness), and speed, and then comes back to us with a irreconcilable force. Therefore, if we spend more time on controlling our minds through controlling our patterns of thought, then we will produce/manifest precisely instead of randomly, and control our outer world As Above, So Below ... same as As Within, So Without.

If You Don't Go Within, then You Will Go Without".

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