Marlene Martinez-Simmons

I quit before I even started. I got a job offer for a claims company. The offer was sent to my email on a Friday but I had a serious case of the flu wasnt able to call the recruiter until Monday. When I got on the call with the recruiter he tried to scold me for not calling him as soon as I got the offer. I explained that I was very sick and didn’t have much of a voice over the weekend. He continued to scold me for not getting back to him as quickly as he liked. Finally he got to the subject of the job and said I would need to come in for training in a few weeks. Unfortunately that week I had already booked a 3 day trip and asked him if there was an available training day before or after that date. He said if I missed the day I would most likely be replaced. The whole exchange was one big bad vibe and I ended up emailing him the next day and turning down the offer. He proceeded to bombard me with emails and calls trying to convince me to take the job. Another red flag. I said no thanks and for the next month he emailed me notices for other positions they wanted me for. I finally had to tell him to stop.

about 2 months ago
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