Tips from Todd: :How to make your resume work twice as hard.....

I have been a recruiter forever. Here are some tips:

If you are really in a push and need a a job asap do 2 things- 1) Create a resume and post it on web sites. That is called being a passive candidate- letting the people come to you. Here are some sites to post it on- ,,,,, your local craigslist, and Ziprecruiter. This is not all of them but probably the best of them. Put your resume on all of these though. All of these are free. IMPORTANT- if you post your resume on these go in once a week and change one word on your resume or cruise their sit. This will allow recruiters to see you have been recently active!

2) Look for jobs on these sites and apply to any job you feel you are an 80% match to! Then follow up by Googling the companies number (local preferred) and call them and tell them you would like an interview please to job # 14623 (always write down the job order number). This is called active job seeking. So, in closing, you want your resume to work for you passively, while you are searching actively.

Happy hunting, Todd

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