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So I've been at a company for 4 months now, had a small disagreement with the manager over something ahe wanted me to sign off on before I even worked there. I did not want to do it and then sbe started to say a lot of nasty things to me. The next day I called her into the break room so that we can talk about the little issue and I thought we were over it. I guess some people still hold on to things emotionally. Ever since we got into it, she has been very rude speaking, has favoritism, and takes my hours from me every second that she gets. I just dont know what to do, I am very unhappy now. WHEN i come through the door I say good morning. I get nothing, the atmosphere of really uncomfortable and I don't know what to do at this point. Any advice would be great.


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A fellow Jobcaser

Start looking for another job and once you get one BAIL.

William Agnew

It does seam unprofessional of your boss, but you did not mention what she wanted you to sign off on!

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A fellow Jobcaser

Yolanda do not sign or attest to anything that happened before your hire date. If it's a legal matter in the future or some type of fraud took place that makes you party to that event. Start looking for a job and establish your ground for staying out of trouble.

Melissa Jones

I was a supervisor for8 years for a big company. And she wanted you to sing off on the paper because she was trying to cover her own butt on something. Andbit sounds like since you didnt do it. Now you're on the out cast employee. If you are unhappy find something different because it sounds like she is going to net pick on you. And she is not very professionally.

Wyatt Milton

When you find a job, prance around your work place and sing a parody from Lion King called. OH I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE FREE! XD I know how you feel. And this is something I would totally do.

George Strangis

Let this person get over it in their own time.
Give them time to get over it.Some people take more time tto process things thaan others.
In any case,you are not at fault.

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You show up every day on time and do your job to the best of your ability! I promise you will show her who is the real woman and professional dont ever let their position go to your head be strong sounds like a bully to me. Be you and dont let anyone get you down, you say good morning and go on about your day and the hire ups will take note i promise im going tru this at the current time and to be strong and steady is killing my boss and i glow in knowing i am who i am, no shame nor will i be disrespected. Chin up you got this, im sure you have heard kill them with kindness? It works!

Durwyn Mancill

Go to your human resource office and get it noted to protect your job.
Also,always remember you there to work not make friends just continue to be polite and do your job. Be blessed

LaTanya Dozier

I would take it up with human resources. In the meanwhile, I would still keep it professional. I would also start looking for a new job in the process. You can prevent this from happening to someone else.

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Sorry to hear that is happening to you. I experienced the same an it doesn't get any better after 6 years my boss is still mean hearted an cruel. I agree with Garth start looking for a new job in the meantime just go to work do the best you can. Unfortunately there are many of these people in positions they definitely don't belong in. Good luck your time will come.....

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You can either stay there and try to hope that things will get better by discussing your matters with upper management and if that doesn't work I guess she Will have the upper hand on you every single time so like I said either stay there or put up with it or quit

Marc Ramirez

Hi.. The chick has issues. Legally, she cannot take your hours from you, had you worked them! Look for another job! It seems like she's making it difficult for you. . to open your posotion, for possibly some other favorable! Take this to HR.. File a grievance(it'll go on her record) and pose the reason YOU may think as to why she enacts in such a way. That she's literally forcing you out! For reasons I stated. Also, this falls under harassment. A charge, she's want to avoid! Play hardball... But, at the same time, have a back up job! CYA!!

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I feel for you. I am with you. I have been through very unethical situations and I am dealing with a company where there really are no standard procedures. I am looking for another job every chance. Since I know nothing willl change, I can either accept the things I cannot change or have the courage to change the things I can (myself &/or the situation). No one says hello back to me either. I remain happy and just go about my merry way. It is the others issue,not yours. You can make every day a happy day until the person leaves or you find another job. Hope this helps

Jorge blanco

You proyected to the universe what you like think negative receive think positive get positive in all things even personal life

Alice Babinski

Talk to her boss

Nicole Williams

Try to speak with her again and ask things can change. If not start looking for a job

sarita montes

I would start looking for another job. But keep doing yours there as professional as always. And once you find one I would go to her higher up and explain to them why you are leaving. So they can look into the matter so she/he can't do this to someone else. Good luck and prayers. Remember god always has something better for us

Wanda Stapleton

You have to go over her head that's a form of bullying you don't deserve to be treated like that

Joseph Moser

You called her into the break room? Who is the supervisor, here? Did you mean that you requested a chance to talk to her privately? And which was it - a small disagreement te little issue or a blatant attempt on her part t get you to falsify a document? Did you get her to explain that she was actually asking you to falsify a document for a period when you weren't even working there? Do you think she was stupid enough to think that might relieve her of some responsibility? You are only a worker, there; an auditor or inspector would place the responsibility on Management, not on a lowly employee.

Tim Carson

Just be nice an polite as she unfortunately in that non-government job has the ability to fire you. Do not seek your happiness in someone else. Be happy, don't worry. Be you normal nice, happy self with everyone-including her.

I would however keep my resume polished up and put it out there. Just don't mark the box where it asks Ok to contact present employer. Be pro-active and do not let THEM hold your future and success. Hope this helps.