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So I've been at a company for 4 months now, had a small disagreement with the manager over something ahe wanted me to sign off on before I even worked there. I did not want to do it and then sbe started to say a lot of nasty things to me. The next day I called her into the break room so that we can talk about the little issue and I thought we were over it. I guess some people still hold on to things emotionally. Ever since we got into it, she has been very rude speaking, has favoritism, and takes my hours from me every second that she gets. I just dont know what to do, I am very unhappy now. WHEN i come through the door I say good morning. I get nothing, the atmosphere of really uncomfortable and I don't know what to do at this point. Any advice would be great.


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A fellow Jobcaser

Start looking for another job and once you get one BAIL.

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A fellow Jobcaser

...Yolonda---God was the One who whispered in your Ear to NOT sign that inspection report---IN de First much more can de God Family help if you ask Them, O.K.---Now what do I do ?? may take awhile to Fully 'see' what Majesty you have Truly Unleashed.....

William Agnew

It does seam unprofessional of your boss, but you did not mention what she wanted you to sign off on!

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Well the office was having an inspection. I started Aug 2016 and she wanted me to sign off on our log book all the way in Jan. If inspection came and something was not right with the log, it would have been me to get in trouble, not her.

William Agnew

2nd posting
Signing as if you had been employed there before you were would be a big lie! You are absolutely right for refusing to sign. When you are interviewed for jobs, be sure to mention this. Another employer will appreciate your integrity! Good luck!

Joseph Moser

William, your advice about saying something bad - even if rue - about a past employer is clearly a no-no. The potential employer will get the message that one is not a tem-player if they would bad-mouth a previous employer. Terribly wrong advice. This is a common piece of advice on virtually EVERY career advice column.

Philip Liquori

Actually you could have signed off on it with the stipulation that it was applicable to a date you set to the present. In which case, she gets what she wants and you get what you want. You have to remember that saying 'no' is always a problem with some people, but saying 'yes, except' tends work out better. Finally, it is never a bad idea to look for greener pastures, but I'd keep my head low, locate something that might be a problem, no one is noticing, bring it to her attention after you fixed it ... you might have to do something to get on her good side, if you can do that it should work itself out.

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I think that William is on the right track but would only bring it up however if a potential employer asks you why you left your previous job as they most certainly will. Keep it brief, and state that you were asked to do something which you felt was unethical and not in the best interest of the company. And while you liked the company because …. Also state that you felt your contribution to the company would be hindered under the existing conditions and you were not in a position to challenge those conditions. Short, sweet, and to the point without going into a lot of detail and singling anyone out. It will show your potential employer that you have integrity, and are a team player for the company, and not someone eager to rock the boat. And then quickly follow up with why you like the company you are applying for, and how you can contribute to the company through the posted position. It is an honest approach and I believe one that allows you the ability to carry your head high and to show your integrity in the best possible light. If the interviewer backtracks and asks for details after you have shifted the conversation to the company to which you are interviewing for, then consider this a red flag and move on to the next interview on your list. You will have saved yourself from repeating a similar situation from that which you had just left.

Raffaela Ciabattoni

You don't need to bad mouth your previous employer if you should want to interview for another position at another company. You put a positive spin to it. For example, if the other employer asks you about your integrity or if you ever had a conflict and how did you handle it, then you can say, I was asked to sign something that I wasn't comfortable signing because this document covered a period of time for which I was not employed by the company. Because of my integrity, I chose not to sign it. Something like that.

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Seem is an understatement, rude is rude, call it like it is. It is not right,

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A fellow Jobcaser

Yolanda do not sign or attest to anything that happened before your hire date. If it's a legal matter in the future or some type of fraud took place that makes you party to that event. Start looking for a job and establish your ground for staying out of trouble.

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May God bless you and your soul .... turn the other cheek.... Have a wonderful Day.

Melissa Jones

I was a supervisor for8 years for a big company. And she wanted you to sing off on the paper because she was trying to cover her own butt on something. Andbit sounds like since you didnt do it. Now you're on the out cast employee. If you are unhappy find something different because it sounds like she is going to net pick on you. And she is not very professionally.

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That boss most likely got her job from a relative or boyfriend . 50% of . Management should be re.oved from their positions.

Wyatt Milton

When you find a job, prance around your work place and sing a parody from Lion King called. OH I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE FREE! XD I know how you feel. And this is something I would totally do.

Gary Wipperman

That would be so childish, disregard Wyatt's advice, as it shows just how immature and unprofessional he is. Instead when that manager asks for a favor and she will, and she is extremely short of help and asks you to stay beyond your time, politely say instead that you have another commitment.

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A fellow Jobcaser

...Gary, that'sa not any better adivce---that would give her boss fodder for Firing Yolanda if de favour is work related.....The trick here is to use imaginary Hot Coals of Fire---de Holy Bible has this Principle that if you can't seem to get along with someone---just be NICE...drives people Crazy as if heapin' Hot Coals on their Head !! They become 'convicted' of their Wrong doing, and should Stop...but none of this matters if the job stinks--I would only apply this principle if I've had years & years invested at de workplace...But even so, hate begets hate---nothing is gained for Tit fer Tat retaliation---EVER...especially with a Supervisor--you will LOSE de majority of times going head-to-head with them.....P.S. Yolanda, definitely get together with one ( or more ) Christians and Pray over wisdom on what to the Power of our Christ's Holy Blood Shed, de God Family can Surely move this, that, & whatnot to your advantage--and take care of this situation in 'mysterious' ways--ways that we can't even comprehend...but Very important to ask THEIR WILL, not yours...and in THEIR TIME, as well.....In Jesus Name, (we) ask...amen & Shalom...

Dianne McNair

@Wyatt - Really?

George Strangis

Let this person get over it in their own time.
Give them time to get over it.Some people take more time tto process things thaan others.
In any case,you are not at fault.

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You show up every day on time and do your job to the best of your ability! I promise you will show her who is the real woman and professional dont ever let their position go to your head be strong sounds like a bully to me. Be you and dont let anyone get you down, you say good morning and go on about your day and the hire ups will take note i promise im going tru this at the current time and to be strong and steady is killing my boss and i glow in knowing i am who i am, no shame nor will i be disrespected. Chin up you got this, im sure you have heard kill them with kindness? It works!

Gary Wipperman

Amen to that! Excellent advice!

Annette Mayo

That is very true ... You are going to face some difficult people in life. Knowing how to respond to it when it happens make a big difference in what you stand for ...

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A fellow Jobcaser

...PROVERBS 25 : 22....and....ROMANS 12 : 20.......

Dianne McNair

...the higher ups will take notice. Your advice on how to keep HER peace and integrity is On Point.

Durwyn Mancill

Go to your human resource office and get it noted to protect your job.
Also,always remember you there to work not make friends just continue to be polite and do your job. Be blessed

Carla Fedigan

I agree with Durwyne. Go to HRC. Tell them that you refused to sign off on a log for activity prior to you employment. Report her unprofessional conduct! Start looking elsewhere. Show your integrity!

LaTanya Dozier

I would take it up with human resources. In the meanwhile, I would still keep it professional. I would also start looking for a new job in the process. You can prevent this from happening to someone else.

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Sorry to hear that is happening to you. I experienced the same an it doesn't get any better after 6 years my boss is still mean hearted an cruel. I agree with Garth start looking for a new job in the meantime just go to work do the best you can. Unfortunately there are many of these people in positions they definitely don't belong in. Good luck your time will come.....

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You can either stay there and try to hope that things will get better by discussing your matters with upper management and if that doesn't work I guess she Will have the upper hand on you every single time so like I said either stay there or put up with it or quit

Marc Ramirez

Hi.. The chick has issues. Legally, she cannot take your hours from you, had you worked them! Look for another job! It seems like she's making it difficult for you. . to open your posotion, for possibly some other favorable! Take this to HR.. File a grievance(it'll go on her record) and pose the reason YOU may think as to why she enacts in such a way. That she's literally forcing you out! For reasons I stated. Also, this falls under harassment. A charge, she's want to avoid! Play hardball... But, at the same time, have a back up job! CYA!!

Gary Wipperman

I agree with mark!

Marc Ramirez

On another note.. Seek council. This may need legal recourse thereafter!

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I feel for you. I am with you. I have been through very unethical situations and I am dealing with a company where there really are no standard procedures. I am looking for another job every chance. Since I know nothing willl change, I can either accept the things I cannot change or have the courage to change the things I can (myself &/or the situation). No one says hello back to me either. I remain happy and just go about my merry way. It is the others issue,not yours. You can make every day a happy day until the person leaves or you find another job. Hope this helps

Jorge blanco

You proyected to the universe what you like think negative receive think positive get positive in all things even personal life

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A fellow Jobcaser

...hate begets (more) hate...Love begets (even more ) Love....

Alice Babinski

Talk to her boss

Nicole Williams

Try to speak with her again and ask things can change. If not start looking for a job

sarita montes

I would start looking for another job. But keep doing yours there as professional as always. And once you find one I would go to her higher up and explain to them why you are leaving. So they can look into the matter so she/he can't do this to someone else. Good luck and prayers. Remember god always has something better for us

Wanda Stapleton

You have to go over her head that's a form of bullying you don't deserve to be treated like that

Joseph Moser

You called her into the break room? Who is the supervisor, here? Did you mean that you requested a chance to talk to her privately? And which was it - a small disagreement te little issue or a blatant attempt on her part t get you to falsify a document? Did you get her to explain that she was actually asking you to falsify a document for a period when you weren't even working there? Do you think she was stupid enough to think that might relieve her of some responsibility? You are only a worker, there; an auditor or inspector would place the responsibility on Management, not on a lowly employee.

Tim Carson

Just be nice an polite as she unfortunately in that non-government job has the ability to fire you. Do not seek your happiness in someone else. Be happy, don't worry. Be you normal nice, happy self with everyone-including her.

I would however keep my resume polished up and put it out there. Just don't mark the box where it asks Ok to contact present employer. Be pro-active and do not let THEM hold your future and success. Hope this helps.

Kay Stone

Yolanda, you were absolutely correct in not signing off on something that you were not nor could have been a party to. Does the company have an HR department, what your manager asked of you is considered fraud, and she should be held accountable for her actions. As others suggested, I would start looking for another position, if what she did is common practice, I would get out of there immediately.

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Since you already discussed this with her and got nowhere, I would go over her head and speak to HR or a higher person. You should not have to suffer her animosity or personal problems. You should not have to quit if you like the job because of her bad spirit. Be civil with her and do your job, even avoid her. If things don't change after this, move on.

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Why didn't she sign off on the logs.

Patrick Guzman

Yolanda start looking for another job. The manager will always hold that against you. Your already unhappy. Seek other employment. Good luck. I will pray that your next position will be a good one.

jessie coordes

It's called a hostile work environment document the actions and you have legal protection under labor and industry.but be aware of the problems opening this can of have rights but if you are not happy and don't like the job get something new to do.I have found that managers like this eventually hang themselves good luck

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Go over head to the next in command. It doesn't matter what you do because she isn't going to change her behavior. Talk to upper management and just toughen up till you find something else. Meanwhile you will clear the situation up and your conscience is clear.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Find another job. She was not and is not to ask you to sign anything until you start working for the company. If you have a Human Resources department they are the ones to explain things to you and give you papers to sign. That would and should be for taxes, medical and other benefits. Oh, your boss has a boss. Talk to him or her. She sounds like a control freak who might have emotional problems. Some people act and are mean because of things that are happening at home. Just saying. Hope you find some peace at the job.

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Overcome evil with good

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A fellow Jobcaser

Dennis, help us understand this. I'm just not sure if you just wanted to see your post. But how is this relevant..... Please explain for us....

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A fellow Jobcaser

That's right and it is very relevant, even in the work place .. There are always going to be evil and mean spirited people in the world . You see them on the news. Some may bag your groceries and there are some in the family. You may see them in church or at Target.. The point is that there are going to be some ON YOUR JOB lol .. I don't see how this is even a question to ... It's that simple , Overcome evil with good .... This crazy world we are living in .. Lord help us ...

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A fellow Jobcaser

...Pitbull---just find me post....but yur big o' Pride will probably not allow ya to understand, tho......Boy, yur First response was very nice...shocked me, actually...but then the Woof-woof & de Bark-bark starts up, again.....How many times does pitbull doggie have to be slapped upside de ears & de arse with a rolled up newspaper?? I'm not talkin' about lil' ol' us---when God smacks'sa Not gonna be pitifully asked fer an explanation, and I provide one ---and you scamper off whining with yur tail between those stubby pitbull legs...doesn't make any sense !!.....if any one wants to see their post in lights--itt'sa you & your stoopid pride...

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A fellow Jobcaser

No Mr. Ohluk I don't buy into the good evil or God Devil stuff I won't be trying to find any of your post. God is a dam fake. No proof to your post.

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Mr. Pittman – I have read many of your posts and have seen the approach that you take with others to deliver your message. However, I do take notable offense when it comes to you imposing your views on the members of this forum in regards to religion and politics. This is a public forum where job seekers come here for advice to discuss their issues at hand. They don’t come here to be belittled, nor to have their personal beliefs knocked down at any little opening you can find. Some of the advice that you have given is just plain wrong and self serving, but until this point I have held my tongue as I believe that everyone does have something to contribute and it is up to the individual seeking advice to personally sift through and weed out what works and will not work for them. It isn’t my place to interfere with that based on my own beliefs. But when you publicly proclaim that “God is a damn fake” on a forum that is intended for job seekers seeking advice, if you were working for me regardless of my own personal beliefs, I’d fire you on the spot. Its all about treating others with dignity and respect. You mentioned in one of your postings that you were in a nurse practitioner school. If you feel that is your calling, perhaps you would be better suited as a nurse in a male correctional facility, although I wouldn’t wish that on any inmate. You Sir, have absolutely no manners what so ever, and lack the art of being tactful. While most people on here are in worrisome situations, at least they have something to believe in. You do not! I truly feel sorry for you as you seem to be a very bitter and unhappy individual. I will pray for you as I am sure other fellow jobcasers already are.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Kevin now I think that you too should be on the T. D. Jakes or Benny Henn hr. And if you discriminate due to religious beliefs, age, disabled....etc... You won't get the chance to fire any one. Some people just don't see life that way... But you have my permission to go on and pray. It's not a bother to me at all...

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A fellow Jobcaser

...pitbull---read PROVERBS 11 : 18.....and may Jesus have Mercy on all of us....indeed, it'sa step in the right direction asking for Prayers---never seen you do that before ( ya make it sound sarcastic...but Everyone Needs Prayer )...

Brenda Graham

I'm sorry but I disagree with the advice that you find another job without taking care of this matter first...Or start looking for a job, but unfortunately if you do tell any future employer in an interview the first thing they are going to ask or influence the decision to hire is....Why did you follow the company policy of how to report something like this... Following the chain of command? You stated she is a manager...That means she answers to someone..So does that person...More than likely you will be under scrutiny and they will find a way to get you out, but they also will be looking at the manager .... Falsely submitted logs are a serious infraction..You can also contact the company handling the inspection. That is integrity...

Julian Paredes

Just do what u have 2 do keep working and don't let nobody get u down keep ue head up.

Lisa Whyte

I would begin to document the incidents and go to her supervisor or Human Resources, if you are interested in continuing to work there.

Latosha Sophus

All you have to do is smile in her face when you see her. Ask her how she is doing? If she don't respond tell hergod bless you anyway have a blessed day.And smile as you walk away. That will strike her nerves .Don't stoop to her level. Make her look and feel like an butt hole.

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A fellow Jobcaser

...PROVERBS 25 : 22.......and........ROMANS 12 : 20.........

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Yolanda - those type of individuals are just about everywhere. No matter how nice you try to be, how cordial you are, how much you try to make amends for THEIR transgressions, don't even try. She is probably taking her frustrations out on you for something that someone else did to her. If you are looking, good. If not, maybe you should. Emotion has nothing to do with's all territorial and it is nothing you can do to right it as you have already tried. Just hang tuff and hopefully something better will come along.

Kent Haughton

Garth nailed it. Bail

Daniel Speller

Do you have an HR Department? it's nice you tried to manage the situation yourself, but sometimes you need to consult a third party as mediator. No one should have to work in a hostile environment.

John Sapp

Keep say good morning, keep going in with a sense of appreciation for this work, above all else rise above the pettiness and drama. You are took strong to allow the negative interfere with your own well being Yolanda. And keep smiling cuz nothing is able to penetrate a smile. :)))

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Your job is probably in jeapordy already, so not sure going to HR will make a difference. While HR will tell you the conversation is confidential, it won't be and your manager will be informed. If you tell HR and the manager gets in any kind of trouble, the rest of your days there will be more unpleasant than they already are. Quietly find another job, give notice and tell HR the reason you are leaving at the exit interview.

Marshall Crawford

I'm just gonna say continue to be nice and do a great job at what you do knowing that it 'll get better and pray before you go to work, trust me things will be much better. (Pray)

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Hi Yolanda!
This IS a toughie! I know that you feel like you're walking on eggshells and the witch is just waiting for your to make a mistake, which makes you feel stressed to the max. Some may say she is trying to make you resign. That is very possible and I wouldn't doubt it. Be a big girl. Stick out your chest, take the upper road, say,Good morning! in her face and look for another job where you won't feel like you're on the brink of a meltdown! NO JOB IS WORTH HATING TO GO IN EVERY DAY! Let her find someone else to bully!!!!

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It's is called pencil whipping and it is fraud. I would have said no, I wasn't here during that period. If you are a floor associate, a manager has to sign off on what you signed off. But if you are audited and the record is scrutinized both you and the manager should be terminated. Both of you having committed fraud. Always go with your gut. She was trying to play catch up on documentation which needed to be completed in a weekly of monthly manner and she is not holding the right people accountable or she is trying to not be responsible. I would look for another job and avoid this manager as much as you can until you find another job. Continue to take the high road. Anticipate that she will not return the Good Morning but continue to do what you do and do not put your name on anything with which you had nothing to do. If that happened to be a safety log, then she is an unscrupulous manager, any type of log for that manner.

janet austgen

Why didn't u ask other company personnel about the 'little issue' before you began working. In order to find out if it was a risk u would be taking, or a risk she'd be taking? Now, ur miserable, and stuck with the job to do something or say something to clear it all up. I hope u have made a friend there? If so, why dont you think of a similar situation that happened in the past that if she over-hears you talking about it...possibly she then relates it to her concerns over you, and maybe squash this predicament ur both having to hang on too. Regardless paint a couple pictures(outcomes) where ur the hero, or the boger, and maybe you will both get a better understanding of urselves. Either way don't give up, you will have one hell of a story to tell the next employer or at a future x-mas party. :-)

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Dear Frustrated first that manager should not be a manager, you can see that she is not a people person. If that information was that important then she had come to as a manager and explained the importance of having you sign the paper and then maybe you would have looked at it a little different. Don't let that spoil your mood that's what she seem to be heading for with you. go to the human resource office ask to speak with someone concerning her attitude and the things that she had said to you which was nasty do a complaint most companies don't allow that kind of behavior not matter what position they hold. Don't give a reason to fire you which sounds like by the things that you have explained the way she spoke. If you want to keep you job then let no one run away or steal your glory. Others in the company will come around. let the higher authorities handle that for you. Hope things work out, keep your head up.

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Oh my
You confronted this Manager?
Not ever a good idea! Start looking for another job!
Notate everything like a book... Keep notes of everything negative... Try not to be in same room alone, if possible. Be nice ' don't act resentful. Till you find another job... You could file hasssement on job ...
Sorry for your problems

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keep Documents of everything!!! From dates, conversations. And yes Garth has some good advice along with William. Maybe you should take this over her head. What do all you jobcase communities think?

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Go to HR or ethics department. Retaliation is no no. Hope this helps

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I think you need to calm down , be more professional don't give up yet. I think if you call her aside again to discuss your issues with her again but still the same behavior, then I think the best option is to write to her superior or the head of the company. Or you can also call and express your issues .

Ignacio Granados

I'd suggest to start looking for another job, but you can also try other ways to improve the situation. First, you don't have any warranty to be better in another place, and this is what you have at hand. Second, and in order to improve your situation, try to look at it from others points, like rationality is true an abstract and a fantasy everybody uses to justify their own compulsions. Because that, what you have could be a simple power struggle, and not only for hr part but from you too, because you're a part of the situation. So try to be more flexible (I know how hard it could be), not because you are right or wrong, but because you need it. That's a whole new point of view.

Dorothy McCabe

I would confront in a nice way.Diplomatic.Good Luck

Anthony Williams

Yolonda, meet with HR to find out if this form is mandatory and review your options. Also, if you have not passed your probationary period, schedule a meeting with your boss and HR and or his/her boss.

F. Katz, MBA

Yolanda, I read below what your new boss asked you to sign off on and you were absolutely correct to refuse. In fact, given that she asked you to falsify documents at the get go maybe that should have been the red flag you needed to not take that job in the first place. The entire situation reeks of impropriety.

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I would start looking for another job it will never get better and it will only frustrate u and make u not want to go to work and that's not cool..

Bertrand O. Blais

Welcome to the real world, in today's new management style no one is important everyone can be replaced. The good news is with Trump as president there will be more jobs and these so called manager will be the ones that lose.

d carter did the right thing, to pull her aside and address the issue. I would have done the same when it came to that. Now as for this mgr holding onto whatever...that's her/his issue....One thing for sure you can't argue w/ crazy.....I totally get cutting your hours, which affects your income....Either start looking for something else or just see them and don't see them....Don't allow their stupidity to control your job performance.....You did nothing wrong....

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Find another job asap! when your manager is takeing away hours messing with your lively hood ,and not being professional, and not even speaking to when you speak to her its only a matter of time before she finds a way to get rid of you.. Managers don't like to be challenged by there employees..

Tim Durpos

Yea unfortunately you can't change other people sounds like you did the right thing about talking it over just keep being polite to her and everyone else and don't discuss the issue with your coworkers you never know who could stab you in the back some people hold on to resentments I always say a resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person. To get sick and die I've been there in that situation and it's a hard thing to overcome for some people don't let it get you down and if you need to find a new job then I'd start looking don't give this issue life by reliving it

Twilight Princess

Listen to me.... Leave.

Just... Leave.

Quinn Perry

Are u okay twilight princess

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Yolanda I believe that you did the right thing by not signing a document that you cannot verify. Moving forward. ...continue with having a good attitude even in a dark place. It doesn't sound like she is going to last long in a managerial position by acting corrupt and being vindictive. Good luck to you!

Frank Smith

Try to talk to your manager again
If she keeps acting up report her to HR
If they do nothing or they try to retaliate
Sue the company
Still look for another gig

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A fellow Jobcaser

Jobs are hard to get right now,put up with the bulls**t until you find something else,then go on,the only other thing Is talk to her boss,and take your chances,this way If you get fired, you'll still get unemployment,because I had a similar situation, and there are requirement's for the employer,and If they didn't meet the requirements,you will still receive unemployment.Good luck and hope this helps.

Kendra Green

If I were you I will go over her head talk to her manager let let him or her know what's been going on around office tell them how everything started and let them handle it if the behavior still continues then you leave.

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A fellow Jobcaser

...sometimes that backfires, because de Bigger boss might be best friends w/ the bad supervisor.....BUT, if it isn't even attempted, Yolanda CAN be blamed fer Not informing higher ups ( damned if you do--damned if you don't )...tricky situation Better just left in God's Hands with prayer, submission, Patience---but most importantly---knowing de God Family has your Back...REGARDLESS of de answer & outcome.....

Ronald W

Ooooooh......bad sign......especially if her attitude turned on a dime! Start looking for another job ASAP. Remember any and all red flags you can remember/noticed from this and etch them in your memory for future safe keeping. SO many managers/ companies are like this nowadays. When I first start and am told about 90 day probationary period......I am still looking at other jobs.....I usually respond that I have my own probationary period with them ( about 5-6 weeks.....) if I see certain red flags......outee!

Vincent Blakely

Some how it sounds like she has personal issues so from now on when you report to work do yourself a favor and don't say anything because if you do she may try to say that you said something to her and get you written up for sexual harassment so to cover your butt note everything that was done and said and if there's another supervisor that you can go to and make them aware of the situation hopefully they will find out what's the problem and may hold a meeting between you and the person but make sure that anything that the job ask you to sign make sure that you read it thoroughly and ask questions and if it doesn't sound right to you then question it till you get a better understanding

Lovingone Barnett

Hello Yolanda, if you really love this job and what you do I would go through the chain of command. The concerns which you are having is not fair. I feel that where ever a person works that person should be able to enjoy where they work and what they do. If that steps don't work do your job have a Union? Always keep paper trails because what she is doing is really harrisment, just do things respectfully and according to the job policy thanks.

Profile placeholder

She has someone that she reports to go over her head and talk to her boss..simple. she is not allowed to treat you that way. Because you didn't sign your name to something. She can't bully you..

Cherie Mae Sumimba

Hi Ms. Hannah, don't mind her. Just focus on your job. Think of something happy not her. No response? It's not okay but atleast you were trying to fix things between you two. Don't take it personaly just like he did, you have to be nice to him and show respect as your manager, no more, no less.

Lori Smith

Do you have a favorable relationship with her superior? You could go to them and explain the situation to her boss and ask that you all sit down together and talk it out. Personally I would probably be looking for another job in the meantime UNLESS this girl has a bad reputation there already. If you go to her Supervisor then you have another set of eyes watching the situation. If it's really bad you could always throw out the hostile work environment phrase. That'll get some attention. I hate bullying in the workplace, it's so childish. If she already has a bad reputation then in time she will hang herself. If not and she just is jealous of you for some reason, then you can either move on or keep attempting to repair the relationship. Judging by her behavior, She is hoping she can just squeeze you out. The choice is yours. If you love be the job and are a strong person then keep trying to work it out. If you think you're probably going to look for another job, then you have nothing to lose by going to HR or whoever is next in the chain in command and asking for mediation. If you do so, conduct yourself professionally and with dignity. I will warn you that there is a bully in almost every workplace. Be strong. Be professional. But don't be a doormat either. It really comes down to how much you like the job and how strong you are. Step outside the situation and see how she treats others, is she like this to others or only you?

Dave Horton

move on to the next best thing!

Profile placeholder

Well sounds like you did what you thought was the right thing to do, I don't know what she wanted you to sign off on so it's hard to say ?. I think it's terrible she is being that way now she should know better to ask that of any employee not just you. Going to HR is just gonna make it worst, if you really want to stay there try talking to her again if it might help, not sure if meeting with her, HR & you will just make it 10 times worst ?. Can anyone back you up on what she wanted you to sign off on ?. You might just wanna start looking for another job but that's easier said then done, I don't know your job market or your situation SORRY !. Good Luck :)

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I disagree,don't let walk away from any job,the person that's giving you problems has themself to fight not you,you must believe that you create your own reality of life,so my advice is to focus on what you want and not on what you don't want and feel good each day before you go to work so when you get to work you will be focus on your job,just remember that we attract everything to us positive and negative,so the question is what do you want,speaking from experience ,because is you leave she will win,and so where ever you go will carry yourself with you.

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One word. HR....don't take her shit. Go over her head.don't hold back on the information you give them for fear of retribution. ..protect yourself

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You might try revisiting the issue after talking with the compliance person in the company. If it is okay to sign off for a certain set of dates, then do so if you can find the written rule in the policy. Probably the occasion to sign off will occur again. When is your review coming? Perhaps you can note the issue there. It does sound like all is well otherwise, so maybe put a little more time into the company. Mark your calendar for three months from now, and if you are still unhappy, start planning to exit and get your applications out there.

Best Janice

Time to move on, it will only get worse. They are trying to make you uncomfortable so you would leave. People/managements suck major.

jessie coordes

Most corporation use the chain of command going over her head will not work use the hr dept to file your complaint and get tough if she is a fair haired girl you should look elsewhere to use your skills l worked for the largest tire company in the world as a manager for 30 year's so been there done that hope everything works out for you

Kevin Matias

Personally, I would start looking for another job. it sounds to me like it's a junior high school environment instead of a professional working environment. the only other option would be to address your concerns with upper management or even the owner. however, if you're fairly new to the company and the supervisor or manager has been there from day one then you can expect there to be favoritism towards her and you will be left out in the cold. The best option would be to just look for another position at another company.

Vincent Ward

I would definitely be reluctant to sign something just handed to me like that. I would have wanted to know how I would know it was accurate. Nothing wrong with that unless someone is hiding something. The manager's behavior says she's hiding. something

johnny garza

Just pray to god

Profile placeholder

Hello Yolanda,
You should report her to HR, since she is tampering with your hours.

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Here are some things you can do: Follow the chain of command. Put everything in writing. Ask to speak to her supervisor. Remember one can be just as unpleasant as the next. They are people just like everyone else. Some people are well adjusted and some aren't. Some people have personality disorders and others don't. Often times there are supervisors and managers that play favorites, say inappropriate things to individual team players and are just down right poor at what they do for the company. Some companys run the show with negative feed back. However maybe her supervisor doesn't know she is asking you to sign off on something that you shouldn't have. I'm not sure if what she asked you to do was illegal or inappropriate. If it was neither illegal or inappropriate perhaps you could have signed the document. I have know way of knowing. If in fact she did as you to sign something you shouldn't have, argued with you in an ugly way, and then bullied you in at any opportunity, takes hours from you, speaks to you inappropriatly. She has in essence created a hostile work enviroment. Realize of course she does not have the power to make you unhappy. You can be happy even if she is right beside you. Do not give her the power to decide how you are going to feel. Another thing you can do is speak to her supervisor take a written sumation of the incidences. Make sure you have correct dates and what was said and done each time. Do not forget the hours taken from you. you will need those dates and times. A person like her cost the company a lot of money through training and negative time waste. a place of work should be a productive time spent in preparation for customers with the willingness to offer good service and a completed product. That is what we owe the business we work for. They in turn give you a pay check. No matter what you do, do a good job. Now, Mrs. Hannah another choice is look for another job but remember there will always be another person like her almost anywhere you go. You can always say to yourself, I''ve seen this before somewhere and keep right on enjoying life. You can also stay where you are if you like the job and say nothing. You have a lot of choices. Make the best one for yourself so that you can continue being the person you want to be. If you make a mistake in your choice think of it this way. You may live for 70 more years, this situation is a very small space in time. Enjoy your life and remember I am not an attorney or have any legal training. My opinion is just that, an opinion.

Barbara Ransom

I would definitely recommend looking for another job but I would also contact the Owner or Board of Directors for this company and let them know what your manager was trying to do, which is Illegal. If they stand by her actions then I would document all of this and report them to the proper authorities in the event that they try to sabotage your job search.

Lynn Mawhinney

If you have an HR, talk to them immediately. If she tries to fire or tries to get your fired, you have a paper trail. Then...start looking for another job.

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Yolanda continue to be honest and remember God is watching. If this company has EAP department, call make an appointment your counselor will be able to document steer you in the right direction before going to H.R. with no back up. At least they will see that you made attempts to resolve this in a professional manner to avoid retaliation etc.

Toni Blair

Hello Yolanda,
First let me commend you on taking an ethical stance and not agreeing to do something wrong. It is difficult to have to take that position early on in a new job. Secondly, You will continue to have problems with this manager. Please, please, please document each and every negative work related incident you have with her. Date, time, what occurred. I'm not encouraging you to look for issues but if things do occur, document in detail. It will help when you present your case to HR or whomever. It is hard for someone to refute such detailed documented occurrences. Does the company you work for have an established code of conduct that is documented and provided to each new hire, if so review it to determine if you are required to report the unethical behavior of the manager. Lastly, search your heart, regardless of how great you are at your job, regardless of how pleasant you are, and how many allies you develop, it is still difficult to show up everyday to work in an environment that is hostile. Is it worth it? Seek employment elsewhere when you're ready and remember your purpose there is to do your job. Be professional, be courteous, but be proactive in not allowing anyone to get in the way of you doing what you are there to do. I'm praying for you Yolanda and it is my fervent hope that this matter is resolved in your favor soon.
Peace and Blessings.

Raffaela Ciabattoni

Great advice.

George McKinnon

He/she is setting u up, get the f. Out of there. You cannot win, u r about to be screwed

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A fellow Jobcaser

...Not if de God Family has her may seem like she's lost a battle--but Not the 'War'.....God can surely take puny man's brains--and switch everything around against de bad supervisor...if that's Their Will....perhaps They have something Completely Better fer Yolanda, situation if you hand it to God....

Desiree Cook

If i where you start looking for a job, sometimes. no matter what you do , things may not change and you are not feeling comfortable. You are so right never sign off on anything you didnt do it .GOOD WAY TO GET YOURSELF TERMINATED !!! I the end if they want you. gone they know how to do. It , Plus when you start looking for a job. your next employer will be calling them you want to try to leave on a cordial note. Good Luck!

Akila Bee

If you like the job, speak to her about burying the hatchet. Jobs are not so easy to jump in and out of...a disagreement should not run you off. If she continues with disparate treatment, go over her head and resolve the issue with her superior. Be sure to inform her superior of the treatment and have a solution you'd like to suggest. The manager needs to be careful in her actions as she does create a hostile work environment. If she treats male workers differently than she treats you, for instance, she is discriminating. Although it may not be her intent, it is the affect of her actions. She is a liability to the company. In the event you lose your job, you'll want to have on record that you complained of disparate treatment and a hostile work place so that you are able to collect unemployment benefits and possibly sue the company should your rights be violated and you suffer a material loss.

If you'd rather not undertake this task of gaining respect, look diligently for another company to work for or another department.

Good luck.

Kyle Blake

The Manager is right always, You exist in the bubble they create. Remember once a bubble gets to big it pops!

Brenda Shulka

You were right never sign anything you haven't been trained on,if she keeps giving you a hard time you might have to talk to your human resource person and maybe she can help you to get it straightened out,may God bless you in your endeavors.

Profile placeholder

I shall not cast stones ....Mr Pittman may God bless you each and every day ... may I walk with you each and every step ... follow us to the alter ..... God bless you.

Paul LaRue

I am wondering, is this manager the person who actually hired you? Or was it someone else? I only ask because if the manager DID hire you, then this sounds like the sort of Jekyll/Hyde type you want to avoid. If someone else did the hiring, maybe you could ask them for advice on this situation, not even to solve anything so much as getting your side of the story out there before this person totally poisons the atmosphere against you...THAT is the sort of thing you don't want following you around your whole working life

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I have been threw the same thing but 2 years on and off with the same company. It's a power thing. Some people feel being there are in a higher position there may not have a liking to you because you speak up to what's right and what's wrong. As long as they have use you they will but when you start recognizing what they are doing having favoritism cutting your hours having certain workers cover your shift cause they want to send you home and you can work your normal shift hours. Trust me I have been threw it. I have been looking for another job because of this. Now I was placed on call with no work for over a month now. I still continue to search for work. Because at the end of the day. The stress is not worth it. I know I will find a better job with better treatment and to top it off better pay. Just waiting on that call to start a new job. I have had 3 interviews in a weeks time. Look for something better. Jobs are had to come by. But the stress is not worth it.

Candace Banks Hamilton

I think you should find another job but meanwhile I know how it is to have to have a job to pay bills so if you could still just stick it out a job will come your way trust me I've been there

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You tried your best to come to an agreeable resolution for both parties, it did not work, so find another job and chalk this one for a bad experience. Be cool and don't tell anybody when you are leaving. Don't give her any notice, but give her manager notice and why you are leaving. leave with your head up high!

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Docment all of it date and time whiteness if possible and report it to upper management upon leaving along with labor board for hostile work environment

Bernard Hendricks

Hey Yolanda,

I went through similar situations, with my current job! I have a rude operations supervisor!
She has favoritism, with female employees. I also say good morning to her, certain days
she won't even speak! I agree with you one hundred percent. The fact remains, is to move on
and find a similar job, that has the same experience and qualifications. Until you reached, where
you need be, in the job market. Best to you!

Bernard Hendricks

miranda hazlett

Document everything and turn it in to hire ups ,this is retaliation and most companies frown on it don't wait and good luck

Raffaela Ciabattoni

This is an ethics violation. What your supervisor asked you to do was DEFINITELY wrong, and you were right not to sign it. I used to work for a company that always drove home that each employee needs to follow the company's ethics guidelines. If anyone saw anything that was unethical, that employee could call a 800 number, and a special group would investigate. If your company has something like that, then report this. I'm not sure if going to HR would do any good. It might make things worse, but you shouldn't have to put up with this hostile environment. I wonder how many others in that company are unethical. I agree with may want to start looking for another job and then leave. However, make sure you get a new job first BEFORE you leave. Competition is rough out there. Good luck.

Horace Simpson

Don't let her get u down just keep up with what u do sometimes god males thiings seem impisable its a promise jf we stay focused its a. Blessing in store! Soy advice is to hang in there it will pay off god bless you Horace

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A fellow Jobcaser's 'intelligence' is Foolishness to de God Family...and Nothing is impossible for Them to Solve--scary part is Surrendering--and letting Them handle it, instead...

Profile placeholder

Grow a pair and report her. Every boss has a boss.

Mymya Brown

go in there with your head held high still say good morning continue to do your work and enjoy the day the devil is a liar and in the meanwhile start looking for a new job

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A fellow Jobcaser de Holy Bible, we read in the Book of JOB that de devil actually has to Ask God fer permission to screw with this may be, in fact, a Lesson de God Family wants Yolanda ( and us ) to Learn from....

Barbara Thulin

It's not about you but about the gal so let it go. Dig deep within and find joy and gratitude in the hours you are given. Be happy and confident. In the meantime be grateful you have a job so look to see if you can be moved to a different department or start visualizing a better new job.

I highly recommend watching the Secret. There is a guy in it that was attacked because he was gay. When he shifted within the world outside shifted. When we change how we respond and do the work on the inside our life and people change. Wish you a great life, Yolanda! Snaps to you for having a backbone protecting yourself by declining on signing off something you felt was unethical.

Donna Bradford

Yolonda, search for other employment. It seems the manager is unprofessional and you probably will be uncomfortable for the duration of your employment there. Trust me, there's something else better waiting on you.

patricia pope

Yolonda just do your job you are not there to make friends you are there to make your money and go home!!!!!!!!!! if you too are feeling some kind of way take it up with your supervisor if not isaiah54 verse17and18.pease be with you.

Joseph Ferber

TOXIC work environment!
Get the Fuck OUT!!!!!

Nolan Snell

Find another job. Life is too short.

If you want to salvage something at this job you need to go to her boss, if she has one. If she does lay it out, that you could not ethically sign for days before you were hired, and are surprised at this insane over-reaction.

Who knows- maybe her boss is sick of these stunts- I doubt you are the first- and will support you. You have to be calm and non critical when doing this- don't get nasty or personal. I just mention this because after all you have 4 months invested- so why let yourself be run off.

But unless there is someone over this crazy boss you can approach- to get some relief- just bail and get another job.

Gloria Madrid

I know exactly what your going through. I had one of those coworkers and it was like night and day with her. Her favorite motto is Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. What does that tell you?

Profile placeholder

Hi Yolanda. Why would she think that you would sign off on something that happened before you got there, a signature makes a document legal, you weren't there, she should have finalized that in a different way
Continue to say a general Good Morning don't give her the satisfaction of making your day as miserable as her's is. Hold your head up and keep stepping, don't let her problem become yours. Thanks

Profile placeholder

I don't know how great this job is or the pay that you want to stay can either play the- be SUPER cheerful and happy and not let her get you. Since they are the one with the issue. KILL HER WITH KINDNESS? as the saying goes. Hopefully you dont have to deal with her or can deal with someone else more.. How do you get along with other people there? Is she the only one? If you are always smiling and doing a good job, people will question what her problem is, since your such an asset. I personally don't have the patience for games like that. I don't know what the form was that you were uncomfortable signing...could you go to hr? or as previous have said- look for another job but then you'll have to explain why you left that position or are leaving future employers.

marcelle simpson

Mrs Hannah there is hope,you know why? You have a choice consider this a wake up call i've said this many times know your valve, know your worth ask yourself this question do I need to stay here and put it with this nonsence. Sit quietly at home and think is this part of my steps to get to the next level by being here? If the question is no begin the process of seeking other opportunities somewhere else. A place Where your treated with respect and valve. If you decide to stay be the mature person block her out and proceed To move forward reach your destiny and have a game plan of getting their.God Bless on your journey.