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So I've been at a company for 4 months now, had a small disagreement with the manager over something ahe wanted me to sign off on before I even worked there. I did not want to do it and then sbe started to say a lot of nasty things to me. The next day I called her into the break room so that we can talk about the little issue and I thought we were over it. I guess some people still hold on to things emotionally. Ever since we got into it, she has been very rude speaking, has favoritism, and takes my hours from me every second that she gets. I just dont know what to do, I am very unhappy now. WHEN i come through the door I say good morning. I get nothing, the atmosphere of really uncomfortable and I don't know what to do at this point. Any advice would be great.


Donna Bradford

Yolonda, search for other employment. It seems the manager is unprofessional and you probably will be uncomfortable for the duration of your employment there. Trust me, there's something else better waiting on you.

patricia pope

Yolonda just do your job you are not there to make friends you are there to make your money and go home!!!!!!!!!! if you too are feeling some kind of way take it up with your supervisor if not isaiah54 verse17and18.pease be with you.

Joseph Ferber

TOXIC work environment!
Get the Fuck OUT!!!!!

Nolan Snell

Find another job. Life is too short.

If you want to salvage something at this job you need to go to her boss, if she has one. If she does lay it out, that you could not ethically sign for days before you were hired, and are surprised at this insane over-reaction.

Who knows- maybe her boss is sick of these stunts- I doubt you are the first- and will support you. You have to be calm and non critical when doing this- don't get nasty or personal. I just mention this because after all you have 4 months invested- so why let yourself be run off.

But unless there is someone over this crazy boss you can approach- to get some relief- just bail and get another job.

Gloria Madrid

I know exactly what your going through. I had one of those coworkers and it was like night and day with her. Her favorite motto is Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. What does that tell you?

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Hi Yolanda. Why would she think that you would sign off on something that happened before you got there, a signature makes a document legal, you weren't there, she should have finalized that in a different way
Continue to say a general Good Morning don't give her the satisfaction of making your day as miserable as her's is. Hold your head up and keep stepping, don't let her problem become yours. Thanks

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I don't know how great this job is or the pay that you want to stay can either play the- be SUPER cheerful and happy and not let her get you. Since they are the one with the issue. KILL HER WITH KINDNESS? as the saying goes. Hopefully you dont have to deal with her or can deal with someone else more.. How do you get along with other people there? Is she the only one? If you are always smiling and doing a good job, people will question what her problem is, since your such an asset. I personally don't have the patience for games like that. I don't know what the form was that you were uncomfortable signing...could you go to hr? or as previous have said- look for another job but then you'll have to explain why you left that position or are leaving future employers.

marcelle simpson

Mrs Hannah there is hope,you know why? You have a choice consider this a wake up call i've said this many times know your valve, know your worth ask yourself this question do I need to stay here and put it with this nonsence. Sit quietly at home and think is this part of my steps to get to the next level by being here? If the question is no begin the process of seeking other opportunities somewhere else. A place Where your treated with respect and valve. If you decide to stay be the mature person block her out and proceed To move forward reach your destiny and have a game plan of getting their.God Bless on your journey.