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Heath Alva
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So today is National Sandwich Day (who knew that Big Lunch Meat and Bread had lobbied for their own day) and many places are offering deals for grabbing a sando.

While I love getting something "free" or at a discount, I'm wondering what's it like to work at one of these spots during these days where customers are now expecting even more from you because it's some National Day. Has anyone had the experience of working at place during one of these "holidays"? What was it like? Hungry minds want to know 🤔 #watercooler

over 1 year ago
Elyssa Duncan
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Chaos. Pure chaos 🤪

I worked a lunch shift at a Mexican restaurant during National Taco day and it was horrid. There was a special where guests could come in, pay a $10.99 flat rate, and enjoy all-you-can-eat tacos and soft drinks. Sounds good right?! Welllllll.... the problem was, people would come in, sit down and stay there ALL DAY long.

They would order a slew of tacos every once and a while (which servers had to make the tortilla for) while slinging back Coca-cola products, chips, and salsa that needed constant refilling.

Normally, I wouldn't mind at all! I loved taking care of guests. However, most tables tipped on the $10.99 (10.99 bill x 20% = ~$2.18 tip) regardless of how long they stayed there, or how many times they made you go back into the kitchen 😂 So many of us ended up walking with about $20 after tip out that day. It was a huge bummer haha.

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